Sunday, June 07, 2009

Move Over Wal-Mart. Welcome To The McDonald's Economy

I wrote on here a few days ago that if you worked in the auto industry or the finance industry, your next job was likely to be head hamburger maker at McDonald's. I joke you say. The Wall Street bubble bursting has dire implications yet to be truly appreciated by society. And that shift is permanent. I can assure you Carlos gets it. A few of my friends who work in the finance industry get it.

It's okay when main street is impacted with such economic realities but when the elitists on Wall Street are impacted, we'll see how long we go without calls for change in ideology.

I mean no disrespect to anyone who works at McDonald's. First of all, McDonald's runs one hell of an operation. If our government were run like McDonald's we wouldn't be in this mess. Second, I am an alumnus of the food service industry as is a tremendous amount of the population. Third, many in society have been left with no alternative but to take whatever job is available. Fourth, many of the most successful people in our country served a stint at McDonald's.

But, in the end this is not the type of employment that is going to rebuild the American economy. And, the misguided belief of many current politicians and business leaders that we need to send more people to college to compete in the global economy is completely ridiculous and a total mistruth on so many levels.
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