Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frontline : The Warning

I usually highlight Frontline documentaries on here since they tend to be good to excellent works of journalism. My dates were off so I had this post slated for next week. The documetary actually starts tonight. That's no big deal because like most Frontline stories, this should be available to view directly from the web.

Many wouldn't be surprised that the seeds for this crisis have been building for a long time. Probably at least 20 years. Some dynamics such as the Nixon move to devalue the dollar by ditching the gold standard goes back 40 years. To believe this crisis is going to be over in six month, as most on Wall Street would have us believe, is preposterous and an outright lie on many levels. Yet were the truth to be told, there is a possibility this country would have a crisis in government with a collapse in confidence. So we play the happy game instead of being honest. Americans can take the truth. On many levels, they already know.

This Frontline documentary is supposedly going to take a look back at many destructive seeds planted by the Clinton administration. It is my perspective that Bill Clinton was most likely the worst President in American history for his many destructive economic policies passed in the early to mid 90s followed by the culmination of the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999. A far cry from the consensus of many liberals that Bill Clinton was a great President with minor character flaws.
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