Friday, November 13, 2009

Change You Can Believe In - Our Queen Mother And Overlord, Nancy Pelosi, Reaffirms Her Desire To Send People To Prison For Being Poor

After I posted the prison for poor people health care remark there were many news sources that downplayed such a possibility including Speaker Pelosi's web site.

But our queen mother affirms that the Stasi will in fact regulate her health care plan. A plan she herself called a Christmas present for the American people. I find her rationalization in this video rather interesting. And generally based on substantial mistruths. That she believes people simply waltz into emergency rooms to get health care because they don't want to pay for insurance, and then stick society with the bill is preposterous. People generally end up in the emergency room because they cannot afford insurance. The only way society gets stuck with that bill is if collection agencies can't suck the last ounce of dignity and self-respect out of said person. So, effectively what Pelosi is stating is that those nusance poor people are sucking our health care system dry. Now they'll instead be mandated to buy insurance they already can't afford. Or, go to prison for effectively being poor.

We have a predatory private health care system that is now being replaced with a predatory public health care system. Change you can believe in.

What ever happened to concepts of progressivism and conservatism which place the rights of the people at the center of Washington's debate? It's quite simple. As Republican and Democrat elitists, our overlords, have grabbed control of our country, we instead see liberalism and neoliberalism as the only two choices in Washington.

As one of the video commenters remarked, maybe we should send Congress to prison for getting our country in this situation and racking up trillions of dollars in debt. Which is the greater offense? Not being able to afford your health care premium or racking up tens of trillions of dollars in debt?

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