Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Federal Reserve Gulag Endlessy Reiterates Need For Independence

We have remarked on here countless times over the years that bureaucracies will first seek to sustain themselves in times of crisis. This exact dynamic is why the U.S. government feels the need to step up the level of spending of our money as it sees fit during this crisis.

One such bureaucracy we have lighted where this dynamic is likely to unfold is the communist party in China as its economy and social structure starts to fray. Speaking of communism, Bernanke is out once again stating that economic stability of the U.S. will be impaired by attempting to make the Federal Reserve an institution which embraces democratic ideals. A completely preposterous position which has absolutely no intellectually-reasoned support. The American people are not children who need a parent to manage their lives. We are only capable of reason when we are educated with truth. We already know the outcome when the Federal Reserve operates as it has. As a structure supporting anti-democratic and anti-capitalist corporate socialism. Let's try democracy with an institution that is supposed to work for the betterment of society. A monetary authority that is accountable to the sovereign of this country. A monetary authority which is accountable to the sovereign through the U.S. Congress, as the Constitution tells us it should be.

Ben Bernanke attempting to save the structure of the Federal Reserve as it now exists is no different than the leaders of the Soviet Gulag government agency rationalizing the need to enslave dissent and undesirables. Similarly, the Federal Reserve Gulag rids society of economic opportunity and the achievements of our citizens by keeping the jack boot of a private banking system on the neck of the American people. Clearly an anti-democratic bureaucracy which needs to be reformed. And if Ben Bernanke doesn't understand this concept, maybe he should take some time to inform himself of the basic ideals of democracy, the need for transparency to perpetuate a democracy and the need for a society to be educated and informed in order for democracy to survive.

These calls for independence by central bankers exposes their desire to perpetuate a bureaucracy and their power base rather than a desire to serve democratic ideals. The Federal Reserve must be audited.
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