Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"The Handcuffs Are Off. The States Can Pursue Justice (Against The Banksters) Now."

I have made no secret on here regarding my position on State's Rights. I believe in Jeffersonian ideals and that State's Rights advocates clearly understood the potential for all of Washington to become a cabal. Yes State's Rights have been abused in the past by racists and politicians attempting to force their personal will on civil liberties but under these circumstances we have the check of the Federal government on the actions of state corruption. The system creates a cycle of virtuosity in my estimation. Is it perfect? Well, there is no such thing as perfect.

We see many ideologues attempting to marginalize any recent discussions of State's Rights as right wing extremists or racists or tea baggers or other equally ludicrous remarks. These are tactics timelessly used by power in an attempt to control dissent. No. State's Rights is a sign of resistance to Washington corruption and power grabs beyond their Constitutional authority.

How can we expect a Federal government that has created the rules allowing predatory banking to actually fix the problem? Politicians are drunk with power and billions of dollars of legal bribes from these institutions. It's the same reason we haven't seen a public commission to look into concerns of wrongdoing. The list of ills associated with this dynamic is endless.

Yet, here comes the states. State lawmakers and attorney generals aren't on the take to the tune of billions of dollars from the banksters. What incentive does a state lawmaker have to protect Washington corruption when it is destroying state economies? States have historically been the primary protectors of consumers anyway. It's a natural that we should have state's attorney generals pursuing legal action against the crooked banksters. And it's a constructive reminder of why we have State's Rights.
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