Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stench - The "Money Committee" And The Soviet Democratic And Soviet Republican Political Stooges Put Forth Morally-Bankrupt Financial Reform

William Greider is a name many people won't recognize. Yet he is a wise old owl. Greider predicted this crisis more than a decade ago. At the time, elitist pinheads like Paul Krugman laughed at Greider and poked fun at his views. The main reason? Greider didn't have the pedigree of an elitist. The same elitist mindset which is pervasive in Washington. Elitists don't believe in democracy. They mouth it yet believe society needs to be led around by their nose.

Who's laughing at Greider now? His journalism seldom has few equals.

Take a look at what Greider is saying about financial reform coming out of the House of Representatives. It aligns well with our positions. But there is a lot of seamy new information on the morally-bankrupt Washington rot.

The problem with America is not Wall Street per se. It is Washington. It is the insatiable desire for massive sums of money needed to run national monopoly political parties. Money best provided by mega corporate monopolies and oligopolies with enormous spending power. How does a corporate firm achieve such spending power? By destroying competition. That's where the corruption in Washington comes in. In return for destroying economic competition and removing regulations, Washington gets what they want. The end result of massive profits.

Nancy Pelosi's recent remarks hoping for the recovery of the Republican party are very telling. Without a Republican party, the Democratic party would likely collapse as well. For instead of the lock on power, control and ideas a two party system provides, new ideas front independent voices would challenge the power structure and corruption so deeply seeded in Washington. To expose the reality. That is, most Washington politicians have no ideas. The emperor has no clothes. They were elected because they were good "yes" stooges who would fall in line with their Soviet political bosses.

Our government has the intellectual diversity of the Soviet Politburo. Political stooges ensure only those willing to accept intellectually deficient party ideology get money to win national elections. And, then those Congresspeople become beholden to party power stooges like Rahm Emanuel. So, when it's time to fall into line, dissent is marginalized or money is not provided to win re-election. The two party system has become one of cronyism and massive fraud where the diversity of democracy is not tolerated.

Washington is morally bankrupt and does not represent the diversity of ideals or inventiveness or virtues held by Americans regardless of race or creed.

Combine that with what we see on Fox, MSNBC and CNN 24-hour news - countless political stooges with titles of consultants and advisors providing useless and mindless Orwellian-brainwashed ideology pawned off as insightful commentary. Unfortunately, the commentary seldom has merit because it's purely political ideology. Brainwashing. Group think. What does a political consultant know about health care reform other than what is written on their cliff notes. Cliff notes provided by the party power bosses? Or how to fix the economy? Or for that matter anything other than politics? A major contributor to why debate in the mainstream media is so utterly worthless.

The U.S. is failing because we are run by Soviet-style political structure that is corrupt. Soviet-style political structure which does not reflect the ideals of its people. Neoliberal Soviet-style political structure which serves the interest of an elitist class. Just as in the Soviet Union. It's no coincidence the results are turning out to be the same.

Want to enforce anti-trust law? Break up the two party political structure and outlaw political parties. Force individuals to run for political office based on merit. On their inventive ideas and desires to serve society with dignity and honor. And require all national election funding to be funded publicly.

Every single problem in the American economy can be fixed by reforming Washington. Because every single problem in the American economy was created in Washington. Solutions will be found by electing people who will do the will of the American people. Whatever that will shall be. We need a return to representative government. Not a government run by Soviet-style stooges who suppress virtue, individual achievement, creativity, democracy and excellence of a free society in favor of the corruption, cronyism and favoritism of the Politburo.

It's good to be the king. Not much longer though.
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