Thursday, December 02, 2010

Newsweek: America’s Democracy Agenda Is Over. My Question Is, Did We Ever Have One?

I suppose this really isn’t much of a revelation for anyone not deluded by social brainwashing or the mainstream media’s Orwellian messages.  But it’s a revelation that the mainstream media is finally showing signs of a heart beat.

U.S. foreign policy has never been about democracy in my adult life.  Politics is a game of power and control.  And the U.S.’s foreign policy is exactly that.   When a state uses force, bribes (“loans” through the IMF and World Bank) and intimidation to achieve its objectives, there is nothing democratic about its intent.  Now obviously when dealing with sociopathic leaders or corrupt nations, one cannot have a policy of appeasement but that’s not what we are talking about.

As we have said many times on here, the human mind has only two intents in its interaction with the world around it.  The intent to control or the intent to learn.   Most unconsciously seek an intent to control both themselves and the world around them.  Control is a sign of psychological dysfunction of the human mind.  Since the state is a man-made invention, simply a manifestation of the human mind, we can apply this same analysis to the state.   The United States’ government has a clear intent to control.  It is a monopoly seeking to control the world around it through its girth rather than its moral clarity. 

There is no moral clarity in a foreign policy that embraces communists, thugs, murderers and illegitimacy of any state other than democratic societies.    That such brutally corrupt and illegitimate states such as Saudi Arabia are advising the U.S. to bomb Iran,  arguably a much more democratic state than Saudi Arabia itself, is not surprising.  Nor is it surprising that U.S. foreign policy is seemingly more concerned about maintaining power and control with thugs than it is with those they are supposed to serve – the American people. 

By the way, it’s quite apparent this intent to control is used on the sovereign people of this country as well.  ie, It’s just not an issue of foreign policy.  The police state is overtaking our democratic government.  And that includes in policies like our corrupt trade agreements,  cap & trade, global warming and Homeland Security.  There are much more effective policies which embrace democracy to make our world a better place.  But politicians are typically control freaks.  That’s why they run for office in the first place.  Power and control. (It’s also a major reason why we should not have a for-profit banking system)  A major reason why they should never be trusted without transparency and oversight.  What other secrets is the state hiding from its citizens? 

When the status quo starts to question the moral clarity of our politicians, something is very wrong.  That’s a very good thing.

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