Monday, January 31, 2011

Chief Technology Officer At Renesys Explains How Egypt Really Shut Down The Internet. Who Is Next?

For those who don’t know, Renesys is an internet performance and intelligence company.  To people more interested in how a state could shut down the last bastion of freedom, the internet, Cowie explains in simple terms what happened in Egypt and the  implications for economic stability.   Might you remember, well before this crisis we wrote of coming supply chain shocks around the globe because of the ridiculous stupidity of our politicians and the economic Frankenstein they have created under the bribery of their corporate masters.

If China’s economy completely collapses, and my analysis of the data says it will, what would happen if China shut down the internet?   (We wrote years ago we expect GDP to drop by 30-50%.  This is not a real estate bubble as is being discussed.  As we have said repeatedly, it’s a capital bubble for those who understand capital theory - apparently no one.)  How might that affect global financial markets?  Think Wall Street’s Frankenstein models take that into account?  Hahaha.  That’s not a funny laugh either. 

As we have written in countless posts over the years, in order to please its corporate masters, the U.S. government has simply transferred our wealth to a communist country.  It has effectively paid Communist China so that they are able to prepare themselves and arm themselves for future conflict.  Sounds more than a little like what happened with Nazi Germany.  American firms loved the Nazis before they started killing millions of people and blowing up half the world.  Actually, corporations love China even though they already kill millions of people.  Apparently, as a civilization we are going backward.  Political idiots haven’t learned a damn thing in eighty years.   We knew that too. 

Frankly, if the Soviets were capitalists, we would have armed them as well.  None of this is new to long time readers.  Most politicians are idiots and our anticipated outcomes have been laid bare for years.

The impossible becomes the probable? 

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