Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Neoliberal Republican Lunatics And The Rand Corporation Start Banging The Drums Of War With China

I’ve noted on here for a long time that we could already be in the midst of World War III and that we wouldn’t know until some time afterwards if that is the case.  And, that war may be the war of humanity against the state.  That is, capitalism, capitalism’s control over our money, communism, the economic aristocracy that controls our lives, politicians who pass laws to enable our domination and the like.  That dynamic has multiplied and grown from a seed to a world that was on fire well before this pandemic.   In 2019 we had 50-ish nations in some level of revolt against their “governments”.  While that hasn’t yet involved China, as I wrote more than a decade ago, I expect the people of China to join that movement at some point.  

One of the questions I have wondered out loud on here is if that war with the state will be able to stop us from economic, political or military conflict between China and the west.  As noted many times, we remain in a war cycle. And, those dynamics continue to metastasize.  The U.S. in particular is at war with the world. That includes its economic wars of sanctions and ever-present jingoist foreign policy.  Especially with the Republican wing of our corporate party system. 

There was a global survey some years ago that sticks in my mind when this topic comes up.  That is, Gallup ran a very large international poll under the second term of the Obama administration where tens of thousands of citizens of the world named the U.S. the dominant threat to global peace.  I doubt this poll has improved under Trump as he’s on his way to blowing away Obama’s record bombing-the-world-into-submission-for-Jesus. (November’s election for our next king will be a gem. Now that Charles Manson is dead, possibly the two most despicable men in our country vying for the prize of king; Biden vs Trump.)  The results of this Gallup poll may just give some indication of how much our society is brainwashed by corporate state propaganda.  And, our cult-of-self society is never going to be reflective or seek to understand why so many people have this concern.

Anyway, if there isn’t enough propaganda in our society,  the “party” as Orwell called it, has just released a 57 page media propaganda  campaign to blame China for everything.   What a surprise.  At the same time, on every jingoistic war criminal’s favorite reading list, the Rand Corporation just released its pathological “Thinking the Unthinkable – The U.S. Corporate Empire’s Consideration of Blowing Up China.”  Now, I don’t kid myself.  China has run the same simulations about blowing up the United States.  It has designs on global domination that the U.S. currently holds.  But, while there is no money to provide our citizens social safety nets, we have plenty of money to produce warmongering propaganda. Democracy is dead.

Long time readers may remember some of the voluminous posts I’ve put here regarding China.  China is a criminal racket.  And, the fact that Republicans, Democrats and U.S. corporations sent tens of millions of our jobs to China is a greater crime against the American people than any perpetrated by China on the U.S. in my lifetime.  In fact, the U.S. corporate state is an endless source of violence against the American people.  I’ve never experienced any direct violence from China.  And, forget about the publicly printed numbers of jobs that have left our country.  Those numbers are well too low.  It is tens of millions and I’ll explain that when I highlight how the U.S. government will spend upwards of $100 trillion bailing out corporate capitalism per a recent post. Our neoliberal, trickle-down government loves socialism.  Just not for poor bastards and the working class.) 

I’ve noted for the past few months that right-wing Republican and Fox News rhetoric against China is heating up.  The criminals in our country have found their foreign enemy to blame all of their mistakes upon…. as Aristotle told us happens with the deflections of tyrants 2,000-ish years ago.

Of the tyrant (the state), spies and informers are the principal instruments. War is his favorite occupation for the sake of engrossing the attention of the people and making himself necessary to them as their leader" --Aristotle

This is the same game that was played with Adolph Hitler and American capitalists leading us to World War II.  Provide the financing and technology to rebuild Germany.  Then Germany uses said western capitalist investment to murder 50 million people and devastate the world.

Just a reminder with a reprint of past remarks- China is far and away the biggest economic disaster in world history, the U.S. and China have likely broken their Nash Equilibrium talked about many times on here over the last 15 years, and China and the U.S. are headed for some type of divorce.  That could be war, a proxy war, tariffs, complete withdrawal of western capital or whatnot.  Interesting that those comments were made a dozen or years ago and how the details discussed on here are unfolding exactly as expected. 

Let me digress for a few paragraphs to talk about the pandemic and U.S.-China belligerence.  It isn’t any type of secret that China is an authoritarian, dystopian state. Yet, Republican politicians want to blame China for lying or deceiving them. You should have thought about that before you sent our jobs into the Chinese slave labor pit.  In fact, this points to how democracy is dead in our nation.  I never voted to send our wealth to another country so a bunch of pathological capitalist fukcers could become even more wildly wealthy.   I’m all for a democratic tribunal to look into prosecuting U.S. politicians, U.S. lobbyists and U.S. corporate leaders who committed these acts of treason against American democracy.

Let’s look at some facts discussed in passing in posts over the last few months as more details become available.  The U.S. political leadership of both parties knew of this pandemic in November of 2019 per ABC News. Italian media and PressTV, the Iranian state news source, both had public stories in November of 2019 that they had uncovered a new type of pneumonia. (This pandemic.)  There are public TV sources out of China reporting the same thing in December.  I have the video of all of these public pronouncements.  U.S. Homeland Security has 150,000 employees.  You mean to tell me they couldn’t figure any of this out without relying on whatever the Chinese communists told them?  Trump is a pathological liar and the corporate media in the U.S. is defending American politicians by blaming China as they always do in any march to war or U.S. belligerence. 

As noted, it took years to determine when the first HIV infection happened.  And, it was traced back over 100 years ago.  It took decades for the virus to mutate after that jump and become a monstrous killer.  The same dynamic exists with this virus.  Now, it appears there may be a soon-to-be-released article from researchers that track the various strains of this virus to some place other than Wuhan and the conspiratorial reports of it coming from a lab or a meat market. How much exhausting bullshit could we have avoided if we would have just let science do its job rather than politicizing all of this as the U.S. conservative media and Republicans have done?  Regardless of this upcoming study, it will likely take years to determine if this was a recent human infection.  This virus could have jumped to humans in some remote region of the world decades ago and remained reasonably benign.  I’d like someone to explain to me scientifically how we would know otherwise?  It could just be that it mutated into a killer in the region of China.  Or, maybe elsewhere. 

Here’s a non-political, non-biased perspective of what I see.  Iran and Italy knew they had a problem in 2019.  In a link I provided in an earlier post, Italian doctors noted seeing signs of a pneumonia before even November.  The west appears to have not identified it as a new virus.  The CDC and WHO didn’t take action on anything out of Iran or Italy. Both were publicly reported before anything in China. Neither did U.S. politicians.  The western scientific community appears to have thought it was pneumonia. China appears to have possibly been the first nation to realize it was a new strain of virus and was the first country to acknowledge this publicly.  In other words, they led the world in this scientific discovery.  Hard for American egos to take but our exceptionalism is a myth.  Especially in the sciences that the corporate state has spent generations destroying in our nation.  Did China lie about its effects or withhold information? Possibly. I wasn’t in the room.  Were you?  Regardless, our government definitely withheld information because people in the room have reported that fact.  What was the reason for China withholding, if they did?  The same questions can be asked of American politicians.  Regardless, it was self-interest.  Trump didn’t want to shut down the economy. Mammon over human lives.  That’s been acknowledged by people in the room.  The most plausible reason that China may have withheld information is for the same reason.  Regardless, since when does American science and intelligence rely on information provided by communist China’s media or leaders?  Patently absurd politicization by American politicians and media.  

Now, back on topic with some recent updates as it pertains to the U.S. and China economic dynamics.  The economic relationship Trump spoke so proudly of in his new sham China/U.S. trade deal was already falling apart in 2019.  We ended 2019 with the lowest level of Chinese imports since 2011.  They were down 32% from their overall peak and 21% from the 2019 peak.  This was before the virus had any economic impact in the U.S. 

China’s currency is under tremendous pressure of collapse.  The Chinese have spent well north of a trillion U.S. dollars trying to defend the yuan from collapse and are burning through their Treasury reserves.  Central banking numbers released this week show they again burned through Treasuries at a substantially-higher rate than expected.  I wrote on here ages ago that China would eventually run out of dollars and the Federal Reserve would not likely assist them with any bailouts similar to the swaps they are sharing with other central banks.  And, again, a long-time outcome on here is in major play right now with the dollar roaring to new highs, again discussed ad nauseam.  China is under substantial financial pressure to end its dollar currency peg and may be forced to devalue their currency with the dollar’s blow higher.  (The dollar isn’t strong because the U.S. is a safe haven.  It’s blowing higher because that’s how the global trade system is set up.)   This entire dynamic has to potential to eventually set off a chain reaction of collapsing values of U.S. corporate investment in China (and the resultant collapsing U.S. and western corporations) and sending the world into the worst depression in history.  There is incredibly substantial risk that Trump’s revised trade agreement with China will shatter into the worthless paper its written on.  And, to happen very rapidly.  Regardless, China will eventually be unable to fulfill its trade obligations.  And, with the U.S. food supply under massive strain, we may be unable to provide the agricultural goods anyway. 

I’ve read much of the amended U.S./China agreement and it’s pure political bullshit with no grounding in reality.  Do we really expect anything other than that from the carnival barker, P.T. Barnum?

This entire dynamic is playing out exactly as anticipated.  All of these outcomes have been anticipated for a decade or longer.  Regardless of whether this was triggered by a global pandemic or the start of the unraveling of U.S. corporate empire is irrelevant.  The global economy operates as a complex system with standard inputs, outputs and and feedback loops.  The daily events are noise and have absolutely no impact on on the macro factors.  The macro factors beyond the view of what is reported to society are what matters.  These pandemic outcomes are exactly how the world would react to any developing economic crisis.  And, regardless of any pandemic outcomes, first and foremost this is a crisis of capitalism and is extending the already-in-play crisis of capitalism that we’ve been living through.  All of capitalism’s contradictions are coming home to roost.

Buckle up.  This is just the beginning.  Regardless of what happens in a month or six months or whatnot, the global economic system is wildly unstable in its design and requires massive violence and force to keep on the rails.  When the time comes, there is nothing any politician, corporation or central bank can be done to stop it. 

The twentieth century’s corporate-state-created cult-of-self is shattering before our very eyes.

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