Thursday, August 13, 2020

Donald Trump Is America’s Fate

The title of this post is something I have written about many times. Not Trump in particular but that America will reap its karmic fate. The mind is incredibly powerful in ways we simply don’t understand. But, every decision we make impacts our fate. We lead fate-filled lives. When we turn a blind eye to a wrong, it remains unresolved. Or, even grows in its impact to us and even our children or the world around us.  Oftentimes that wrong can literally eat us alive- cancer, heart failure, addictions and whatnot.  The U.S. has been on a death march for a long time. A long, long time. Many may argue as long as its beginnings. Refusing to deal with slavery sealed our fate while pushing its karmic outcome down the road. In doing so, its impact deepened and widened. Eventually massive numbers of Americans died. And, our nation was scarred until this day.  The injustices against the poor and many minorities has been kicked down the road. Now, we are reaping that fate.  We have turned a blind eye to corporate capitalism and its endless evils.  We now live in a dumbed-down, mind-numbing society controlled by corporations that has created a level of institutionalized ignorance, pain and suffering that is palpable. We turn a blind eye to government corruption including our political leaders who are war criminals murdering innocent people around the world.  Experiences to turning a blind eye to truth, love and empathy continue to build and grow in consequences for each of us individually, cumulatively as a nation and as a human race.  We learn to deal with endless lies. Then we lie to ourselves. We lie and lie and lie to the point where the truth isn’t even recognizable. And, while doing so, those decisions and their consequences lay in wait to reveal themselves at moments beyond our understanding or control. 

As noted in many prior posts, humanity has created this moment. And, we created it for ourselves.  Because the consequences to turning a blind eye or even endorsing injustice, evil and whatnot with our actions is now revealing itself.  Fate is now asking us to stand to account.  This is our karma.  Or, if you prefer to view it differently, this is our Highest Good or our soul mirroring our life’s choices and their consequences back at us.  Giving us the opportunity to deal with all of the mistakes we have made individually and cumulatively as the human race.  This is how the mind, whatever you wish to believe it is, expands awareness, consciousness and human evolution. Some people never awaken to their complicity. Some people will project blame onto others.  Till the day they die, they will never stand to account.  Will never take responsibility.   But there are consequences.  Misery, loneliness, troubled relationships, physical illness, mental illness and on and on and on.  But, this is how the mind becomes enlightened.  How do I know this?  I didn’t read it in a book. Because my mind has revealed this to me as yours shares truths with you. 

And, as noted many times, the myth created by many that enlightenment is based on a world of reason are perpetrated by those who are still lost in their journey.  Who still haven’t mastered their karmic fate. 

“When somebody becomes enlightened something blooms in his heart. It’s like a flower blooms and it cannot hold the fragrance. It has to naturally release. So it’s like he naturally had to release his radiance. He has to share this joy that was in his heart.”

Enlightenment is an awakening of the heart. And “the heart has reasons that reason knows nothing about”.

With this being said as foundational to what is below, let me return to the title of this post.

At one point in time I was going to put up a lengthy post on how Hitler came to be in Germany.  At his peak, only 40% of Germans supported him through party voting. Nazi Party numbers were generally in the 30% range.  This is similar to Trump’s core constituency.  The parallels between the two are staggering.  I noted Trump was the same rule archetype as Hitler. To understand that is to understand how Trump thinks.

I’m not going to write a lengthy post on Hitler or Trump but I will say this. Politics is a cult. There is no self-government in our nation. We have as much civic engagement in our politics as the USSR and the CCP. We get to vote for the party members.  After that, they do as they will.  That is generally stealing more and more individual rights from American citizens, communities and democracy.  And, enslaving us to pathology, be it corporate, political, academic, standing armies or whatnot.  Republicanism is and always has been consistent with a plutocracy. It’s a hard pill to swallow but ancient Athens, a direct democracy without politicians, and ancient Rome, a patrician republic were diametrically opposed societies. One provide a richness and depth for all citizens that has probably never been challenged since. The other was a society based on class that was cruel and full of injustices for most. 

At a minimum, we need to change the way candidates are chosen in this nation. We need citizen government without political parties where virtue and service are there are all to see. Not self interest but the interests of a civilized society, the common good. From there, individualism can prosper. Which leads me back to a long time thesis on here that both political parties will fail, with the Democratic Party failing first. More on that later.

Back to Trump and Hitler.  Carl Jung noted that his perspective was that Hitler represented the collective unconscious of the German people. So, it was literally impossible for them to resist Hitler. Even though anyone outside of Germany could objectively see he was a psychotic madman. The same is true with Trump. (And, all politicians. Especially presidents who are leaders of our dysfunctional society’s cult of personality. This cult of personality has grown ever more cruel and even evil as our society continues to devolve into its unresolved karmic fate.)  Has the establishment tormented Trump unfairly at times? Yes. Do corrupt elements want him gone because they can’t control his outbursts and that threatens their corrupt power? I am quite certain more than we know. But, in actuality, as I noted back in 2016, Trump was a different kind of evil that the American people elected to fight the war against the state.  They’ve bitten off far more than they bargained for as I wrote they would back in December of 2106. 

For a society that spends no time on inner, emotional or spiritual growth, because people would awaken to the tyranny of corporate capitalism were that to ever happen, understanding the unconscious or the shadow or the self and its unconscious evils isn’t something that is generally understood. But, people are definitely awakening from the dream.  And, it is a dream. More on that in another post.  And, reality is far more sinister than Trump. Part of that reality involves the collective unconscious or self that I have written about endlessly.  It’s becoming apparent at the rage, anger and hate that is everywhere. It doesn’t have a political party. But, Trump’s core followers are generally triggered by his “dog whistles” and baiting. And, that collective unconscious is very, very damaged and destructive. It’s based on a brainwashing that many people in this nation believe. America is a shining light. White people built this country. This is a country where white culture should play the predominant role. White people have been wronged. Immigrants are to be despised. The list is what it is.  I don’t know what I understand the cumulative unconscious off the top of my head of those who rabidly respond to Trump.  But there is a theme to his message that triggers people and it’s built on hate and divisiveness. There is truth in the statement that all people are maligned in this nation.  It’s how evil controls us.  White people are maligned too.  But, we need to seek to understand that its not at the expense of our fellow brothers and sisters. 

Most people don’t understand this about themselves because its part of their unconscious. But his messages definitely trigger them.  And, like Hitler, many appear willing to follow him right off of the cliff. You see it in their hatred and anger at those who oppose him.

Now, look, being White is a great thing. So is being Black, Asian, whatever. And, so is being a man. There’s no need to denigrate anyone. (And, I am going to talk more about the destructiveness of evil elements in our society that perpetuate these divisions.) But, again, there is a subconscious that Trump definitely triggers in a minority of the population. And, if the United States is to survive, which I’ve written for many years it may not, we need a reconciliation. That means being a slave is 3/5ths of a man needs to be removed from the Constitution. That’s just an example. But fundamentally that we all appreciate and respect that Black Americans, the poor and many other minorities have been given the shaft.  It’s really a class issue.  It’s not a racial issue.  Racism is an outcome of corporate capitalism and I’ll lay this out very clearly in a future post.  But we need to recognize the value of all life and all worthiness in deeds and actions. Not in words. We aren’t even close within the establishment. But I’d guess a very large percentage of Americans are already there. It’s simply the system that divides us to maintain their entitlement over us, be that media, corporations, academia, political parties or whatnot.  These people do not represent the values of the vast majority of Americans.

Trump is like PT Barnum as I noted right after his election. It’s not that he is a thief. His game is grift. He gets a high by the art of conning people. The actual money or wealth or whatever he swindles out of them is secondary. He’s addicted to the con itself.

Trump noted in prior interviews that real power is fear. And, in a very old interview he noted an affection for Adolph Hitler’s speeches and appeared to sleep with a book of Hitler’s speeches in his nightstand. He also remarked of admiration for the Chinese smackdown in the Tiananmen Massacre.  Trump, like Hitler, loved to give speeches to large crowds. His red bait, limited vocabulary messages appeals to the mob.  And, like Hitler, he needed to be loved and was incredibly sensitive to criticism.  This is one troubled human being. 

I’ve seen crazymaking in my lifetime.  Most people don’t know what that is.  That’s good. No one should have to know. It is actually a technical term within psychology.  But, Trump lives in a world of crazymaking chaos created likely by an incredibly destructive childhood. And, that means his view of normal is chaos.  So, he must create in order to “feel” normal.  Because he’s like a small child in that his emotional regulation is nonexistent. He’s constantly emotionally-bleeding. It’s actually very sad. But, in a position of power, it’s literally a living hell for the people underneath him.

That means the American people.  Our government doesn’t work.  Actually, it works exactly how our masters want it to work. It serves corporations and economic elites but is literally a bumbling disaster for democracy. I wrote those words before a single person died in this pandemic and now half a year later, the U.S. looks like a literal freak show. I’m going to talk about that more but we are in a death march right now.  This pandemic exposed it. It didn’t cause it.  And the Republican Party is the driving force in that death march although there’s really little difference between any politician. They play political football with the American people’s lives and have for generations.  Actually, as written on here many time, not long after our founding, our nation became a cesspool of rot controlled by economic class.

So, where am I going with this. It appears the stress Trump is experiencing has ramped up the chaos substantially. The stress of being attacked surrounding the pandemic response, seeing his polling numbers drop, seeing foreign officials denigrate him, seeing that he may lose the election, seeing his cronies at Fox News turn against him, these are stressors to an incredibly pathological personality with no self-awareness let alone any kind of objective consciousness. As the stress rises, so does the chaos in his mind.

The most recent issues with the post office and his public comments attempting to interject chaos into the November elections are taking his instability to a new level. 

Even though we have never seen this in American history, I would not be at all surprised to see Trump resign before the elections.  I’m not predicting this because it would be the only time in history something like this would happen, but I suspect this is destroying his psyche.  Trump is exhibiting the same behavior as many severe pathologies of the self. They want the pain to end. Trump is an addict. He’s addicted to control, power and adoration like any ruler archetype. And it manifests in severe narcissism.  We don’t need to be a psychiatrist to see this clearly.  And, like Hitler, his death drive is increasing.  And, both in Germany and the U.S. this is manifest in the greater and greater self-destruction of the nation as people follow him, willingly or unwillingly down the path of his chaotic mind’s death wish.  We see this behavior in many kinds of pathologies.  The most obvious are serial killers who want to be stopped because they want “it” to end.

Trump has never faced the decisions in his life that continue to drive him towards self-destruction.  And, he almost certainly never will.  Likely the pain is too severe.  So, Trump repeats the same mistakes over and over and over.  And, now that he is our president, we too inherit his karmic fate.  Will the nightmare we are living in the mind of Trump end before November?  We will all continue to witness the world of karma unfold.

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