Thursday, January 07, 2021

Evil, America’s Totalitarian Cults And Yesterday’s Washington Events

Anyone who has been reading this blog for the last sixteen calendar years should not be surprised at either the US protests this past summer or what happened in Washington yesterday. The Fox News, OAN, Newsmax propaganda machines had a field day with the politicization and lies of this summer’s protests; labeling the most poor and exploited as Marxists and socialists. Likewise, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC propaganda machines had a field day with the lies of yesterday; calling American citizens terrorists and comparing their actions to the British invasion of our capital in the War of 1812.  The histrionics of the corporate media are palpable. I’ve noted on here many times I haven’t watched television news for twenty five years or most of my adult life. More recently, I pulled the plug on cable TV and the endless amusement and propaganda of the corporate state.

Once again, if you follow any of these news sources, you likely have no idea what is really happening in the world. Literally everything is turned into attempts to manipulate you.

At one point in our nation, we had some amount of non-corporate media. These were generally guild members who hated the establishment’s power and provided very beneficial source of news and investigative journalism. No more. Although some of that is returning online.  The last nails in the coffin were when Clinton deregulated media and allowed a handful of major corporations to consolidate into a bastion of pure corporate ideology.  You know, the free market; corporate capitalism good, government bad.

Corporate media in capitalism is driven by the motive of profit. What exactly does that mean to the viewer? It means that the “journalists” who are really capitalist celebrity figures develop a following based on a profitable ideology. Sane people call this a cult. Insane people call it news. Any deviation from this cult of politicized beliefs results in a loss of viewership as we see with Fox News and their war with Donald Trump.  People like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are the founding cult leaders of identity politics.  This has now spilled over to Republican, Libertarian and Democratic Party television, print media and social media stars who also develop cult followings.  We also see this on Twitter, Instagram, etc where the goal is to become a social influencer to develop a cult following to tell people what to think and how to think. So, as an example, there may be social justice warriors who develop followings. It even extends to social influencers who are paid by corporations to convince their followers to buy their products. Or, whatnot.  The list of cult leaders is broad and encompasses factions within the establishment.  It’s very insidious and a form of soft totalitarianism in rote, brainwashed thinking.

So, for-profit media both online and in traditional venues has an intent to develop a cult following for the purposes of building a position of financial entitlement and careerism by profiting off their followers. In other words, corporate parasites.  This is an extension of corporate capitalism’s primary intent of profit and this media would not exist without it.  In fact, as I’ve noted on here in the past, corporations are cults. Literally. There is no free will and conformity is enforced in corporations.  Corporations are an even more virulent form of soft totalitarianism.  People like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and others have made hundreds of millions of dollars off of developing a cult ideology that feeds their entranced followers. People who literally don’t have much of a pot to piss in follow these massively wealthy people and lap up their ideology that often leads to their own personal destruction.  Yet, because they are brainwashed, they accept their cult leader’s explanation that it is the fault of others.

There are two dynamics behind this form of brainwashing and control. One is the hierarchical nature of our economic system where free will is literally impossible. And, magical thinking amongst two major categories of cult followers. One is the generally professional class and the other are generally white conservatives. Both are large blocks of corporate-homogenized (for exploitation and profit) conformists who offer massive profit potential. (Also why corporate media is targets these two groups as highly profitable.) Because of this conformity and sameness of identity both are very prone to magical thinking and the power of suggestion.  I’ll be talking more about the former in a later post but in the latter, I’ve discussed how conservatism as a political ideology is grounded in support for the monarchy. And, that conservative-thinking people are more than happy to grant their power to someone else. In other words, conservatism is steeped in the brainwashing of following a leader.  That may be a religious leader or a military leaders or corporate leader or a political leader.  Or, accept being told what to do.  Mind you, a vast majority of Americans are very conservative.  I’m not talking party affiliation. Just as many Democrats are conservative or support the establishment media, military, corporate and political narrative as Libertarians or Republicans. I’m talking about people who allow others to drive their thinking for them rather than following their own internal guidance system.  More on this later or I’ll be typing all day.

Donald Trump is a horribly flawed human being. But, far from our worst president. Did Trump murder as many people as Bush or Obama? Or sell out the American people like Reagan, Clinton, Bush or Obama by destroying public policy, slashing social safety nets or sending massive sums of middle class jobs out of the US on behalf of their corporate masters?  Not. Even. Close. But, Trump does understand the power of suggestion. There’s ample research that simply saying something, or the power of suggestion, has to ability to manipulate people. The Nazis called it the Big Lie. Trump calls is The Art of the Deal. (By the way, Reagan, Clinton and Obama were also cult of personality leaders with the gift of manipulating people with endless lies while fukcing them over behind closed doors.)

Immediately upon any substantial event, cult leaders from media, corporations, military, academia, politics and the like front run the news or events to ensure they place the appropriate interpretation in the minds of their followers.  On that note, I’m curious. How many poor Black people did Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity have on their shows to explain why they were marching in the streets earlier this year? Or how many did Trump talk to?  Or, even Nancy Pelosi and her pack of ghouls?  But Fox News followers lapped up what their cult leaders told them those protestors were doing.  And, it certainly wasn’t the truth but rather a narrative that would gin up cult followers and drive viewership and profit that landed them their next big payday. If authority is able to front run the news or events of the day, they are able to potentially diffuse it and incorporate the narrative into their agenda to maintain control and power.  This is exactly what the corporate media does every single day.  It’s also what the Democratic Party has done to Black America for the last sixty years.  They diffused the Black movement in the 1960s and diverted its energy into an outcome that allowed the same power base to maintain its tyrannical grip on the poor and downtrodden exploited by corporations and politicians.  Black people wanted freedom and their own economic determinism.  That is not what they got.  What they got was sixty more years of economic totalitarianism that denied them any rights that didn’t conform with the corporate state.

Trump, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck in unison really took this type of propaganda to the next level over the last few decades.  Labeling anyone who didn’t fit their agenda as socialist, snowflake, leftist, Marxist, etc.  These are literally terms used by evil to dehumanize anyone that threatens their power and control. And, what comes after dehumanization? Violence against those people.  In order for evil to get people to perpetuate violence against another person, they first have to dehumanize them in the eyes of their followers.  Not only that, but psychopaths dehumanize their victims in order to rationalize their violence against them.  This dynamic is normalized in US culture.  It’s fundamentally why our society so substantially hates poor people.  I mean really hates poor people. Like society looks away while poor Americans are literally suffering incomprehensibly. The poor aren’t a source of profits for corporations or elites. This dehumanizing dynamic was used against native Americans, Muslims, Jews, poor people, Black Americans, immigrants, gays, enemies of the US empire in other countries and on and on.  It’s the same dehumanization that was used against the Jews in Nazi Germany or the undesirables in the earlier twentieth century eugenics movement. The dehumanizing graphics, labels and rhetoric of the Nazis is eerily similar to that in the US. By the way, the US was the world leader in that eugenics movement and the Nazis used the US as a basis for their eugenics programs.

So, with all of this said, what happened in Washington yesterday?  The same thing that happened with Black Americans and those sympathetic to their demands of human dignity and democracy.  The cult leaders want you to think yesterday is about Trump and terrorism just like they wanted you to think the protests this summer were about Marxism and looting.

As yourself a few questions.

  1. What is happening in the lives of millions of Americans that lead them to these actions? To protests? To be left open to the power of suggestion by pathology?
  2. Why do 70,000 Americans die each year of opioid addictions?
  3. Why do we have a suicide epidemic?
  4. Why do we have massive alcoholism?
  5. Why do shopping and work addictions fill millions of storage units with shit we buy to ameliorate our own empty desperateness?
  6. Why do we have massive homelessness and shelter insecurity? 
  7. Why do we have massive food insecurity amongst children? 
  8. Why do we have a prison population that dwarfs any other nations? 
  9. Why do we spend more on domestic law enforcement and the police state than any other nation sans China spends on their entire nation’s military? Think about that!
  10. Why are 25-30% of women on prescribed mind altering medication to deal with anxiety and depression?
  11. Why have we had a drug addition epidemic for the last one hundred years? That includes pumping Americans with amphetamines during war to keep them going? And drugging housewives and society into a stupor in the 50s and 60s to cope with their internal death? 
  12. Why do 50% of Americans make less than $20,000/year?
  13. Why have 100 million middle class jobs disappeared in the last sixty years? 
  14. Why do we tax the poor to spend more on the military than the rest of the world combined?
  15. Why do we have a mental health crisis in this nation?
  16. Why do 100,000 people die a year from lack of medical insurance? 
  17. Why is the number one reason for bankruptcy health care debt?
  18. Why do we have ghettos from coast to coast that look like bombed-out third world countries? And, why do the wealthy live in gated communities?
  19. Why do citizens live in credit cards that charge 25% rather than a living wage? 
  20. Why do we not have any social safety nets to create a resilient society free from homelessness, poverty and lack of healthcare?
  21. Why is the US murdering untold numbers of people around the world in unconstitutional wars?
  22. Why is the U.S. saddled with incredible debts yet has no common-good social safety nets?
  23. Why do ten Americans have more wealth than the bottom 80%? 
  24. Why have wages for most Americans peaked 50 years ago? 
  25. Why is much of your food and almost everything you consumer made in authoritarian, dictatorial and communist nations?

Need I continue? I can do this all day long.

What happened in Washington yesterday?  Don’t take your eye off the ball.  These are all manifestations of corporate capitalism.  Why are we in the early stages of a revolution as witnessed by all of these protests? Because corporate capitalism has stolen everything and there’s nothing left to steal.  Corporate capitalism is in systemic failure.

The same pathological evil I’ve highlighted in this post wants to tell you that we’ll have a civil war.  Ha!  We’ve been fighting their wars for the last two hundred years.  Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, Wall Street, corporations, corporate media and the like have us fighting wars against each other every single day of every single year. But, regardless of their efforts, the American people continue to wake up.  And, so do people all around the world where similar chaos has been unfolding for years. 

The cycle of volatility is the overarching theme on here for the last sixteen years.  It continues. 2021 will offer no reprieve.  Anyone who understands the state of the global economy realizes even if the world gets the pandemic under control, the world was an unmitigated disaster before 2020.  World governments, including the US, have been spending like we are in the midst of a depression since 2008.  Corporate debt has exploded since 2008.  Global debt has exploded since 2008.  The chaos is because nations under globalization can no longer take care of their citizens nor provide opportunity. 

It’s good to be the king. Though not much longer.

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