Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Future Of SARS And Vaccines Is Yet To Be Writ

Update. I want to provide a link to an article that everyone should consider in the event they become infected with SARS. It’s free and published today on the Wall Street Journal. The title (link here) is Why is the FDA Attacking a Safe, Effective Drug. It highlights the possibility of corporate interests capturing and controlling our government. Who, then, rather than acting in the public good, does the bidding of capitalism.

Original post-

We live in a world of nearly pure ignorance. And most people who participate by participating in social media, politics and the polarizing left versus right meme revel in it. On nearly every topic politicized in our society, the participants know almost nothing but cannot wait to wag our finger at everyone else. I’ve noted many times on here that to be human is to be a hypocrite. But, the question is are we even a miniscule of aware enough to recognize it in ourselves? In the cult of self world, that is generally not the case. In the propaganda-riddled US, hypocrisy is taken to an art form. 

I doubt there was another person who publicly penned a few major articles or statements before a single death caused by SARS that the US response would be a disaster across a whole modicum of issues.  The US response has been far, far worse that I ever could have imagined.  I don’t think most people appreciate the level of horror in our response because they don’t want to know.  Or, because they listen to their favorite propagandists in the media or politics.

The fate of SARS and the vaccine has not been writ.  Yet, countless talking heads decree our fate. The pandemic is over.  The pandemic never was.  The list of decrees is endless.  It doesn’t matter if they think this is no worse than the flu, if it’s a conspiracy theory of a hive mind political elite whose strings are pulled by the World Economic Forum or if they think it’s going to kill all of our children. The madness and true idiocy is exhausting. And, it’s likely to get worse across a whole multitude of factors.  Primarily is the collapse of capitalism I’ve been writing for the last decade will likely hit a major crisis in 2022 with the potential failure of US empire.  That is heating up substantially as global capital flows(US empire driven plunder) have recently collapsed and the Federal Reserve’s weekly credit report shows industrial and commercial loans have collapsed possibly the most since the Great Depression at –30%. (I’d need to do a historical data analysis to confirm this and I’m too lazy.) And, the just released personal income component of GDP collapsed at a –30% annualized rate.

Let me pause here for a minute.  I believe I made this statement one other time on here in the last fifteen years but the risks to supply chain shocks, shortages and the like is growing. It’s not getting better. Capitalism has created a disaster by spreading supply chains globally so they don’t need to pay US living wages.  This is no different than the supply chain shocks felt by the Nazis invading the USSR. Shocks that caused their campaign failure.  And, as noted many times, one of my anticipated outcomes to this cycle is that many corporations will shrink substantially and some will likely outright collapse as capitalism enters systemic failure into 2022 and beyond. If you can’t get supply of anything to sell, how can you stay in business.  US corporations, by many metrics, are the most mismanaged in the world. More on this later.

I am not an extremist nor do I subscribe to any conspiracy theories. Everything that is happening is explainable because humanity lives in an incredibly propagandized world where free will and free thought are almost never practiced due to incredible corporate control. 

I would recommend you keep your gas tanks full. Have enough gas to get to a safe place in the event of a crisis.  Have enough food on hand to ensure you can survive for a couple of months or if you can afford it, even a little longer. Simple things like a five gallon bucket of rice for $20 and similarly some form of dried bean placed in long term food storage foiled bags will last essentially forever.  And, if you can afford it, acquire some form of self protection. Even a container of pepper spray.  People of all color and creed are unhinged or one moment away from becoming unhinged. For the first time in my adult life, I have a gun in my home. And, as noted on here, I’m as close to a pacifist as possible without actually being one.  Violence solves nothing.  It will never be taken out of my home as I have no concealed carry permit. I have no reason to believe I will ever need it. But, it is a risk that I choose to take seriously. We see that you are the first responder to any situation and there is literally no protection offered by any law enforcement officials when spontaneous events occur.

Yesterday, this video was posted from Robert Malone, one of the original inventors of RNA vaccine technology. From what we are possibly starting to see concerns him about the development of ADE within vaccinated populations.(You can investigate this yourself but it’s essentially that the vaccinated upon re-exposure to SARS can actually experience a worse infection due to the vaccine.) Malone is not a conspiracy theorist and is actually vaccinated.  He provides a measured and steady comment.  Right now, the data doesn’t exist to confirm or deny this. But the risks appear rising now with the Israeli government stating the Pfizer vaccine is down to 38% efficacy. This is being blamed on a new variant but the data doesn’t exist to validate that.  It’s just as likely the vaccines either never worked as described due to faulty trials and short trial lengths.  What is also disconcerting is a growing number of people being hospitalized are vaccinated. Countries with the highest vaccination rates are now often seeing the highest infection rates.

If this weren’t enough, there are major researchers including from places like MIT that are now concerned about both SARS and the vaccine proteins as being associated with prion diseases. In other words, like Mad Cow disease.  Except in humans, which goes by the name of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Right now, these are concerns but the level of transparency and research being done to stay ahead of any aspect of policy or the health and resilience of our society is essentially nonexistent.  If this is true, so much for the half wits who couldn’t wait to tell everyone this is no worse than the flu.  The fate of this pandemic, of vaccines and this moment in time has yet to be writ. And, those who continually attempt to write it in real time are jerking society back and forth for their own financial gains and selfish purposes.  In other words, power, control and the corporate state are failing in their attempts to maintain their entitlement and positioning themselves as experts, that they obviously are not.

If, and I repeat, if, these dynamics start to unfold as more than hypotheses, I can imagine a form of social unrest and civil disobedience that could easily create incredible global chaos where governments and corporations fall like dominoes. And, I’ve noted exactly that for a future outcome over the term of this blog. One most appreciate, this has almost nothing to do with any virus. It has to do with the exposure and transparency of that which has existed since the Industrial Revolution. That is, how political, military and production has combined to create a massively propagandized existence ruled by pathology and gross incompetence.  The dynamics we are witnessing are a truth serum for the dark ages of institutionalized rot, incompetence and control of humanity to which people are now awakening. We can never go back because what the world is now awakening to isn’t a left or right or pandemic issue.  It’s that corporate capitalism and its private forces have devoured our freedoms and cleverly manipulate us to maintain a dehumanizing existence to provide the ruling military, economic and political class with their entitlement.

One final remark regarding this situation. Are you sure your government isn’t fanning the flames of your emotions by stating this has come from a Chinese lab? If Americans had some degree of self-awareness, they might appreciate how much the CIA manipulates the press.  And, the lead prognosticator in the Wuhan lab hypothesis, Mike Pompeo, is the former head of the CIA. After the 1970s, Church Commission uncovered how the CIA was essentially running our government and creating chaos around the world, Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein penned in Rolling Stones how the CIA essentially controlled large aspects of the press. That was fifty years ago. Does anyone think this magically turned in the other direction? Links here and another report here.  We don’t know where this virus came from and being hostile to China and demanding their accountability will solve nothing. Australian researchers working at Wuhan said none of the researchers ever got sick. Which is far different that the propaganda delivered without facts by the US media.  Maybe it came from a lab. Maybe it didn’t. Regardless, either way, science and the failures of science as a religion are involved in the narrative.

The scientists who state there is a 90% certainty this comes from a lab are applying statistics to a problem they don’t understand.  In other words, they are bullshitting themselves and you.  And, there is likely some subconscious ego-driven dynamics of becoming important, positioning themselves as experts, or becoming wealthy or entitled that drives our capitalist society are likely involved.  In other words, it’s driven by worship of power and money just as much or even more than discovery and truth.  To state it could have come from a lab and this is what I am seeing that needs investigated is far different than drawing conclusions they don’t understand.  The lack of scientific rigor in this world is palpable.  As noted numerous times on here, science is headed for a massive crisis and in many regards is already in systemic failure. How ironic those statements were given the science of SARS policy responses have often been brutally unscientific yet portrayed as science.

Our government continues to fail in its policies in handling our economy, protecting our citizens and SARS policy.  Our government is captured and has been devoured by corporate capitalism.  Nothing, regardless of party affiliation, can be trusted as truthful.  And, the regulatory agencies such as the CDC, Federal Reserve and FDA were created to benefit corporate capitalism and allow judge, legislator and executive to be rolled into these agencies to do the bidding of corporations without transparency.  We don’t have a functioning democracy and, to be honest, probably seldom had one in our past except when the masses arose with threats to eat their corporate masters. 

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