Monday, April 12, 2021

A Rigorous NIH Epidemiological Review Of CV19 Vaccine Efficacy Shows A Much Different Conclusion Than Corporate Science and Corporate Media

I’ve talked about risk a lot on here. It’s a scientific discipline that really seems dead in our culture.  Someone I respect very much sent me towards this epidemiological analysis. I thought I would post it.  Most people either aren’t going to understand much of the jargon or aren’t going to tread through its technicalities.  Be patient. It’s a worthy read. You’ll need to have a remedial understanding of relative and absolute risk reduction and number needed to vaccinate to prevent a single infection.  The paper provides that.  Let me provide a little guidance to simply peruse the initial baselining of terms and explanations in the report and then focus on the discussion and conclusion sections. Regardless of your understanding of statistics or industry-specific terminology, you’ll be able to clearly understand these important sections.  

The net is that CV19 vaccine absolute risk reduction was not provided nor is not being reported.  And, it’s very different than what is being pushed by the establishment. The author concludes in more technical terms than I’m going to state that the public has been misled in a breach of scientific ethics.  No surprise here. A long-time thesis on here is that true science is dying courtesy of the corporate state.

I don’t chalk this up to conspiracy or some boogeyman out to get us.  Corporate capitalism is working exactly as it should; virtuous (ahem) self interest.  It’s simply a reflection of a society and democracy devoured by corporate capitalism. There’s no profit in identifying standardized treatments, foods or minerals to then use that data to determine who really needs a vaccine.  But, there’s upwards of hundreds of billions of dollars of global profits vaccinating anything that moves, including small children, pets, etc.  The data for any contrary analysis was never developed, not because of a boogeyman out to get us but because our system only operates on one incentive mechanism- investor profits.   Politicians and doctors as a generalization certainly don’t understand any of the analysis reported in the below link. But, they are good at doing what they are told by corporations; that’s their normal course of action every single day.

Link here.

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