Wednesday, April 21, 2021

George Floyd And The Tyranny of The Corporate State’s Law & Order

I want to remark about a few words regarding George Floyd.  Parts of the establishment system has done everything possible to demonize him. Then I saw Nancy Pelosi yesterday remark that George Floyd died for justice.  Well, I would say he died for the injustice of our society and people like Nancy Pelosi who created and enforced its order.  George Floyd is a microcosm of the cruelty of our society.  A society where the lives of millions are tossed away with nary a thought.  A society that devours the entire world and will destroy any and all life in it for the sake of private capital’s profits. 

In order to really appreciate what is going on, one needs to have a perspective that is never discussed by any mainstream news source.  First off, law and order is code word for establishment tyranny.  The Nazis loved law and order.  The British Empire loved law and order.  Corporations and ruling elites love law and order.  They created it. And, they fund the police state to enforce it.  Law and order is not the same as the rule of law based on natural rights or rights granted by our Creator as discussed ad nauseam on here. Law and order is whatever force is necessary to maintain the existing often rotten and outright evil power structure.  To appreciate this, corporations have won upwards of 90% of the speech laws in this nation.(Winkler) And, as a result, they have written most of the law and order legislation in this nation to protect private capital while it devours democracy.  To be honest, I could care less about law and order. I’m much more of a chaos person. One who supports lack of conformity to law and order and the freedom of human expression and community that comes with it.  I care about the rights of individuals as granted by our Creator; natural rights and the rights of the community or common good.  Those words scare the shit out of the establishment because the two are most often diametrically-opposed. So, when Trump stood up last year and squealed about law and order, it was reminiscent of every puppet government in history that has exploited humanity.  But his followers lapped it up.  The establishment was more worried about the very uncommon burning of private property when it could have cared less about George Floyd or anyone else who didn’t serve its profit motives. Ever. In the history of our nation.  People were in the streets revolting because private property is and has always been valued more than their lives. Torching private property is a manifestation of this feeling that so many have.  This store or that person’s wealth is more important than I am in the eyes of society and the law.  I don’t endorse any of that behavior but I certainly empathize with how many feel the impulse to do so. 

Additionally, as written countless times on here, the US is a police state.  The US spends more on domestic law enforcement than any other nation spends on their military. That includes China. And, our prison population dwarfs the world’s.  Must anyone even ask why this is so?  Because corporate capitalism needs the state to enforce its violence against humanity to survive; again discussed on here many times.  How else would private capital devour democratic government, natural rights, community and the dignity that comes with them?  It is a natural right or right granted by our Creator to be able to partake of the fruits of the earth, including everyone having their own shelter. A participatory, democratic society would embrace these values and allow all who wish to participate to be granted those rights.  Yet, private capital, lays claim to all of the land and its resources and forces humanity to buy it back at a profit.  That is the foundation of economics.  Let the corporate state or the ruling elites steal, through law and order, everything from humanity and sell it back to them at a profit. And, if possible, for the collection of rent in perpetuity.  Don’t kid yourself that it’s any different than that.  The police exist to enforce the establishment. They are there to protect the theft of labor and property rights of the ruling elites.  And, anyone who understands anything about history, should easily understand this going all of the way back to ancient times. I’m not talking about property rights as a meager home someone may rent from the state. (And, you NEVER own your home. You rent it.  Even when paid off, taxes, financial judgments, unpayable debts, unpayable healthcare bills, etc ensure that fact.)

So, while we certainly shouldn’t abolish the police, we need to understand the limits of their usefulness to democracy and how they should be deployed differently than in the past. Deployed to maintain civility and to capture violent offenders like corporate capitalists who rob humanity blind and, as a result, create a society where poverty, inhumanity and the laws of the jungle, social Darwinism turn people into animals who are focused on survival. 

Certain personality types are drawn to the power of law enforcement. Many are dangerously unpleasant. How else would police have been able to manipulate the laws so they are able to regulate their own actions without citizen oversight. As Thoreau noted, most people including law enforcement serve the state as they would serve the devil.  I’ve noted ages ago this needs to change and law enforcement needs to be accountable to citizens.  And, because our dystopian corporate society has devolved into the depths of social violence, we need law enforcement. But, they should be trained with different skillsets, serve different laws and have psychologists and counselors take certain types of calls with them. And, the intent of that call should not be to create greater tension, to use force or violence or to escalate the situation as happens all too often today. Do law enforcement officers have the right to defend their lives? Certainly. But, they have become part of the dystopian jungle of social Darwinism and are often a large part of the problem.  Law enforcement in the US is too often not serving communities, citizens or democracy but rather serving the corporate state.  That needs to change. 

Few in America really have any idea what is happening to our society.  It has absolutely nothing to do with anything being reported by any news source.  Those that push the false left-right narrative, that I’ve remarked for a dozen years is going to collapse this cycle, and the useful idiots who blindly follow them, are diddling while the contradictions of corporate capitalism crumble before our very eyes.  Rome burns while the establishment is engaged in their power games.  The underlying dynamics of our society have absolutely nothing to do with the bickering and fighting between power structures seeking to “take out” each other.  Or, gain an upper hand. I have to laugh at the idiocy that communists are driving BLM. Since McCarthyism cancelled the left more than half a century ago, no one in this nation dare think or ever associate with anything other than the free market where human beings are bought and sold into day labor slavery.  No, what is really driving the riots in the streets is that Black Americans are on the low end of the totem pole and often have no purpose in life other than to subsist at the level just above death.  And, they have no more in common with the founder of BLM, who is now cashing in on her corporate entitlement, than poor and working class white Americans have in common with corporate executives and Fox News; although countless millions of minions mindlessly serve both. 

There are tens of millions of people in this nation who serve little, if any, purpose to investor profits.  The disposable society I have written so much about.  If one doesn’t serve private capital’s relentless drive for profits, they are thrown away. Veterans, the poor, anyone who cannot find living wage work, entrepreneurs, small business owners, anything that has to do with public policy or democracy, etc.  But, those who serve private capital are the most successful in our society.  Those that work for investor-owned corporations, Wall Street, political stooges, the war state, etc.  They do the bidding of evil.

I cannot believe so many Americans support a system where the government, which is supposed to be the will of the people, (and tells us something about the morality of voting Americans) literally throws people into the clutches of private capital, where there are no Constitutional rights nor rights granted by our creator, and told to sink or swim.  Throw yourselves onto the alter of the profit gods and mammon.  History will look back on the United States as the most powerful nation ever yet one that enslaved and literally murdered humans in droves as they fall upon the alter of profits.  That includes American citizens who die from the diseases of poverty and exclusion as well as those around the world who seek to chart a self-determined path and thus feel its wrath and judgment. 

What kind of world exists where every citizen in our nation and every nation in the world is forced to compete for private capital and profits to simply survive?  Is it any wonder the US is at war with the world?  Serve the interests of private capital or feel its wrath.  It’s literally the same as every empire.  When is peace, harmony and sustainability possible under a system where everyone in the world has to compete against his fellow man for survival?  The system American voters continue to support regardless of whether it’s the Democratic or Republican wing of the corporate party.

I’ll tell you what kind of world.  A world in which George Floyd lives.  A world without a common good, a social contract or a breath of humanity.  George Floyd fell through the cracks because there is no will or money or public policy (democracy) to catch him from falling into the gutter of human despair.  George Floyd may have been a drug addict. He may have had a police record.  But, he was someone’s son. And, there are millions more where he came from. 

We will continue to devolve into greater and greater violence that requires greater and greater force.  Because as noted endlessly on here, corporate capitalism is a control system that requires these dynamics to maintain its grip on humanity.   It should be of no surprise that it appears the law and order forces of the state appear to be responding with greater and greater force to maintain the corporate state’s death grip on humanity.(Link) The corporate state must continue to cancel any dissent if it is to survive.

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