Tuesday, February 08, 2022

The Power Elite, The World Of Men, And A Simple Litmus Test To Determine When They Will Be Defeated

One of my favorite journalists, who passed at a young age, was Christopher Hitchens.  He was brilliant and brutal. He crucified the elites and frauds in our society on a regular basis. Hitchens wrote an op-ed that was very prescient in the mid 1990s as US society was crumbling.  It was titled “Why Americans Aren’t Taught History”.  It’s hard to find the original copy in free form but, at least for now, it’s available here.  His op-ed is really part of a larger and more disturbing question of why our society has become so wildly ignorant. It’s not just history. It’s everything. 

Every mainstream narrative, whether left or right or whatnot, portrays itself as the truth.  Yet, none of them are the truth.  They cannot be.  They are all distortions used to manipulate the masses. Should the truth ever bubble in as a mainstream narrative, the system would collapse. So, the “games of thrones” of various power factions in the US frame every narrative in such a way to serve themselves.  The left versus right narrative politicizes everything because the half-wits who rule our society, the corporate, political and Wall Street machines, are truly run by idiots and they understand nothing but politics. They don’t understand science. Or anything else.  Does anyone on Fox News or CNN understand anything other than how to gin up the people who outsource their thinking to them twenty four hours a day?  Instead, the Power Elites are clever rather than possessing some grand intelligence. They understand how to manipulate, control and deceive people but they are not the plumbers, the inventors, the scientists, artists or the doctors who, by virtue of their responsibility to outcomes, are responsible for developing shared knowledge.  Elites are the oppressors of these people. They are oppressors of the poor.  The parasites of corporate capitalism who have inserted themselves into an authority position over society.  I’ll be providing a level of mathematical accounting to back that up but  this is to be kept to a short post 

There are good people in our nation, but the mainstream propaganda is surreal and for someone who has been writing these social dynamics would unfold on here for a long time, it’s far worse than anything I ever could have imagined.  The grip half-wits and morons have on the mainstream narratives is incredible. And, the gullible, whether blue or white collar, or conservative or liberal is staggering.

COVID is not the issue.  COVID placed all eyes on what happens in the dark every single day in every aspect of our society.  This has been happening for ages.  Pharma didn’t just wake up and become corrupt. Nor did the corporate-captured CDC, FDA, USDA, EPA, FAA, FCC, Federal Reserve or any other corporate captured agency.  As I’ve noted in other posts, pharma was drugging people in the 1920s with the discovery of methamphetamines. People were looking for relief from the soul-sucking existence of rote corporate plantation work.  In World War II, they started pumping the military with them.  In the 1950s they started advertising them to housewives who suffered depression and anxiety created by a dreadfully soul-less existence.  Then, they drugged a large part of our society’s children with methamphetamines(Ritalin-more like cocaine but a similar stimulant) for decades.  Huxley’s Brave New World use of drugs to stupify society into their own emotional slavery wasn’t some mythical realm. Huxley, while British, lived in the US for most of his adult life and ran in elite circles. He saw what they were doing.  His prediction of a future drug, soma, that would stupify people into accepting their own slavery was already being sold at US drug stores.  Eventually, methamphetamines were replaced by countless mind-altering legal drugs that record numbers of Americans now rely on to deal with the daily dread of a meaningless, nihilistic society only driven by serving investor profits. 

I saw a clip from the last few days with Tulsi Gabbard.  She used the term Power Elite numerous times.  That term wasn’t just pulled from the ether.  But, she didn’t explain it either.  She has clearly read or is aware of the book titled “The Power Elite” written by one of the top US sociologists in the 1950s.  This book was written as right wing McCarthyism was sweeping Washington and destroying thousands of lives of people in government and the private sector who were labeled as communists and homosexuals.  The US government lost thousands of public servants who were in charge of democratic programs and policies that were ushered in during the Great Depression to save our nation from social collapse. But what McCarthyism really was, was the start of a multi-decades-long corporate coup gutting democracy.  It was driven by the right’s desire to destroy, through cancel culture, all democratic social safety nets and all democratic social contracts gained under Roosevelt that cost corporations and the elites massive sums of money and lost economic and political power.  But, the coup of the corporate takeover and ultimate devouring of democracy has been ongoing since the unconstitutional Supreme Court decision granting corporations the rights of people.  It’s still in process today.  And, it has gained nearly total domination over our lives.  Reform is impossible because the system is entirely based on corporate and investor fraud and grift in every sector of our economy.

The premise of The Power Elite was that democracy was a fable of propaganda and the nation was run with an iron fist by corporations, politicians and Wall Street. There are endless validation points that have proven this since.  That includes the possible murder of JFK and a Washington death purge of a large number of political players that followed his death.

As noted exhaustively on here, the Revolutionary War was fought against corporate capitalism.  Against the King’s investor-owned corporations, investor-owned corporate-created money and investor-owned central bank; all tools of corporate capitalism.  Investor-owned corporations have devoured democracy, have bludgeoned small business, have killed science, have gutted communities and are destroying any semblance of democratic social contracts that exist in our nation. 

I laugh when I hear or read the propaganda of Marxism taking over our nation.  The United States is the most right-wing nation in modern history.  Both parties are corporate parties.  The comments from Klaus Schwab of you’ll own nothing and be happy is hilariously being portrayed as socialism or communism. His remarks are the playbook of rentier capitalism that has gamified every aspect of our existence and codified it into every aspect of our existence being defined by a monthly rent to the corporate state.  Klaus Schwab is a nothing. He’s the pool boy for the Power Elite.  He went to Harvard and has been close friends with endless US Republican, Democrat, banking and corporate leaders for half a century.  His comments of owning nothing were of capitalism where a private monopoly on credit and money ultimately guarantees private interests own everything and we rent everything to fill investor coffers.  Seventy five percent of Americans don’t have a pot to piss in as corporations have bludgeoned their economic livelihood, their lives and their communities. And almost every nickel collected by government taxes ends right back up in corporate pockets whether it’s through the warfare state or Social Security.  Now, it’s even happening behind the scenes fraud involving the corporate takeover of Medicare.  We already own nothing courtesy of investor-owned corporations and no one is happy.

More later but I wanted to share these thoughts with Tulsi’s recent remarks.  By the way, this has absolutely nothing to do with what political party is guilty.  As noted exhaustively, the guilty are class who have value money and power over human and democratic needs.  The false left-right narrative is purely a feint to keep us fighting with each other.  The Democratic Party is a comedy of horrors today but the Trumps and Gabbard are part of the World Economic Forum club of capitalists and Power Elites.  And, as George Carlin said, “You’re not in it.”.

As I’ve shared before, the world of real men is returning. This is another very unique perspective shared on here.  More on that later but as noted in the past, capitalism has a long history of fear of loitering men. They fear men without purpose which is why we have a mainstream mantra of law and order.  Law and order is what elites use to control the masses.  The rule of law based on natural rights highlighted in our Declaration of Independence allows for individuation, some degree of non-violent chaos that results from non-conformity and freedom of expression.   That is why men, especially white men, are so targeted by this system. (Black men were targeted decades ago and their culture and psyche have been completely destroyed by the system.)  Capitalist society, created by elites to plunder the poor, fears all men.  And, that is the only reason why have so many men in prison(the world’s largest prison population) denied a democratic, social and economic purpose by corporate capitalism.  Capitalist society has spent centuries imprisoning, murdering and enslaving men. 

And, how will be know humanity and democracy are ready to vanquish the fraud and rot in our society?  When the Trump supporters of January 6th unite with their brothers who were part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Forget about the elites and organized thugs who may tried to hijack, mischaracterize or even pay to foment crimes and attempted to hijack either or both movements.  I’m talking about the average joe who suffers under the same oppressors.  When men from those two movements unite, they will have realized they both suffer at the hands of the same oppressor and, therefore, share common ground of dignity, freedom, love of country and love of each other.  And, I am talking about men. Not people. Men.  Our sisters may be there with us. But, this is, always has been and always will be the role of men.  To restore manly virtues of honor, courage, sacrifice, integrity, personal responsibility, dignity, protecting the weak, protecting their communities & families and brotherhood.  None of this requires violence. Manly virtues do not include violence. To the contrary. Violence is the world of the weak.  It is the last resort.  Virtues require men to return to their rightful place in this world.  Black, White, Yellow, Red, tall, skinny, white collar, blue collar, portly, short, none of that matters. What matters is their desire to imperfectly follow the man’s code of honor.

All men are brothers………  and the world of man is returning.

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