Tuesday, March 08, 2022

2022 – A World Where Everything Is On The Brink

The overarching theme on this site for the last seventeen years is that we are in a cycle of volatility.  That as this cycle ends, it will produce the most profound moment in human history.  And, when this cycle ends, the world will literally shudder and shake as capitalism is likely in its final stages before bust.  (The mythical US recovery from 2008 until today involved the Federal Reserve loading up its balance sheet with trillions in capitalist misallocations and trillions more of government debt spending between Obama and Trump being passed to corporations. This spending is at depression levels with the government being the buyer of last resort to avoid collapse of capitalism. Both have been discussed on here. If that’s not enough, the misallocation of capital by capitalism since 2008 has essentially perpetuated an economy completely built on fraud. Not that fraud hasn’t been part of the mix since 1980-ish, or when I wrote repeatedly that US wealth peaked. The US economy produced tens of millions of jobs since 1980 that are completely reliant on fraud.  The system is not reformable or it would collapse the economy.)  After the 2008 collapse, where I wrote that the world as we know it was gone forever, I provided three turn dates that I was watching.  The only remaining one was 2022 where I noted the world would start its collapse as US capitalist empire started its massive global unwinding.

So far in just two months of 2022, we’ve had the largest US January drop of the stock market in history, we’ve had the makings of what could become a global war created in large part by US meddling (That is really the start of the collapse of US empire. More on this later.), we’re seeing China’s credit markets in massive crisis with the central bank of China flooding the system with liquidity (Bad news for US empire’s massive multi-trillions of dollar investment in China), we’re seeing the gateway to US looting of China, Hong Kong seeing interbank lending rates explode by nearly 500%, we’ve seen emerging market debt collapsing for months, we’ve had commodity prices rise at the fastest rate in history, we now have an energy crisis, millions in Afghanistan are at risk of starving because the US seized the nation’s wealth and we’ve seen many nations start to halt their exports of raw materials, energy and foodstuffs as scarcity becomes a major concern.  Most of this was well along of its development well before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And, the capitalist media was discussing none of it.

No worries. March Madness college basketball is about to start.  And, given the return of college football was most important to the US as people around the world flooded into the streets last year, we can expect more of the same with basketball this year. Rome isn’t burning. It’s burnt.  And, the propaganda machine keeps rolling along. 

I want to remind readers that I’ve noted numerous times long ago that World War 3 will likely be humanity’s war against the state.  One of many completely unique outcomes written of on here. The state being defined by institutionalized power that is used to enslave humanity both within national borders and outside of national borders. (Banks, corporations, the military and politicians.) This engagement in Ukraine is exactly that.  I’m not going to discuss this right now but will eventually come back to it.  But when I see US poll numbers rising rapidly for a contrived conflict that serves only the corporate state’s desire to expand its profits and empire of private capital, I know we have a long way to go in waking up as a society. And, unfortunately, I fear the US is headed towards greater authoritarianism that will likely come from the far right as the notion of boogeymen is codified by political opportunists into projections of hatred for our fellow man both inside and outside of our borders. Or, when I hear people say what’s happened to our democracy?  Seriously? Have we ever had one? We’ve had short spurts of revolts against private, for-profit capital and elites but they’ve quickly suppressed and dismantled those gains over years or a few decades.

Isn’t it interesting that oil is skyrocketing in dollars and euros but in the currency of energy powerhouses such as Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya and now Russia, it has collapsed.  See a common theme of US-created chaos? Each of those nations were plundered by the US corporate state.  Why is that?  You have to appreciate what we are witnessing in both the Ukraine and projected toward Russia has happened over the last 80 years on some level in nearly every nation on earth at the hands of US empire.  And, before US empire, at the hands of other European capitalist empires.  Much of it was just hidden from plain site because Americans and Europeans really didn’t want to know what their government was doing.  This is capitalism.  It’s just that the contradictions that were heretofore hidden from view are now in the open as the corporate state requires more and more violence to enforce its will on the world.  I wrote ages ago this is exactly what would happen as the force to maintain this system increased as contradictions began to reveal themselves.  By the way, the same force used against American citizens to accept a death cult culture where profits matter more than citizen’s lives or well-being.   

I’m not just talking about a history of outright war that private capital uses to maintain control, although the US certainly has been at endless war with the world since the 1947 National Security Act that codified this corporate-profit-driven coup under the guise of democracy. But, what is really driving that conflict, overthrowing governments, installing puppet dictatorships, forcing nations into default, installing puppet governments to stop democratic reforms and the like is behind the corporate pillaging of the world. It’s not just capitalist defense contractors.  It’s all investor-owned corporations that capitalism uses to project its power and control in the name of investor profits.  Once again, as noted countless times for a decade and a half on here, the Revolutionary War was against capitalism; the king’s corporations, banks and central bank.  Russia and Ukraine will default today because that is what private capital in both the US empire and the European Union want. When you deny a nation access to the global credit system ran by the US, the intent is to force those nations into default.  That is the type of financial violence that has been used for hundreds of years to spread corporate capitalism globally.

We don’t have statesmen in western world.  I don’t know if we ever did beyond some of our founding fathers. What we have are politicians who are weak, pliant stooges for their masters, private, for-profit capital who use government to loot the world.  Don’t kid yourself that this is what libertarians call corporatism.  Which is government meddling in the “free market” bullshit.  This is private interests devouring democracy.  I’ll smash the corporatism narrative created by capitalism with incontrovertible mathematical contradictions underlying its failure yet this year.  But without statesmen, rather than seeking to avoid conflict and seeking to find common ground and peace in the representation of humanity and democracy, we instead see US and European political stooges seek to destroy political and economic opponents time and again by portraying their enemies as boogeymen. That is a sinister element of US policy for the last 150 years that can never be discussed in the mainstream.

I simply can’t believe the number of people, regardless of political affiliation who are so brainwashed by US propaganda that they’ll contort theory after theory to explain how everything but reality is behind the world today. This shows how and why the idea of a propaganda-created boogeyman is so successful at controlling the masses in the US.  It’s because we ourselves conjure these things in our own mind. All the corporate state needs to do is channel that into a group mindset by creating propaganda narratives.  This is most effective against conservatives who, by definition, accept authority.  I’ve stated numerous times conservative is not just political conservatives as identified by party but anyone who supports the establishment.  Corporate careerists and jingoist statists are conservatives and a large number vote for the Democratic Party.  Conservatism is essentially accepting the existing order of things and that always and eventually means supporting your own tyranny as the endless forces of power coalesce above you.  Western society isn’t based on conservatism or its creation, cult-of-self individualism, but is steeped in the ideals of liberalism and the Enlightenment Principles of a social contract.  Today, the dystopian corporate state calls those ideals communism.  Thomas Payne and Thomas Jefferson were communists.  Judeo Christian ideals are communist.  Or, as is famously quoted by a Christian who ministered the poor, “When I feed the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor and hungry, they call me a communist.”

The corporate state creates these endless boogeymen to keep citizens in a state of fear where they are easily manipulated and controlled.  Look at the long list of boogeymen the US system has created since what I consider to be a corporate coup in our nation starting with the end of World War II.  We have communists, socialists, leftists, the Soviet Union, the World Economic Forum of dunces, UFOs (yes I suspect this is behind the recent government propaganda on UFOs), the war on drugs, the war on terror, climate change, Black Americans, Muslims, gays, the lazy poor, immigrants, non-Christians, China, COVID and now back again to the narrative that Putin is a madman hell-bent on reconstituting the Soviet Union.  (I’m sure I missed a few conjured boogeymen the system uses to enforce law and order or what could be classified as domestic wars on democracy and external enemies like Russia.) And conservative politicians then endlessly use the dog whistle of law and order to align the masses into supporting more of their own slavery and tyranny to deal with the boogeymen out of fear that said boogeymen jeopardizes the erosion of our bullshit, hypocritical, fake puritanical ideals.  What is the true reality?  You’re the boogeyman. (You being a generalization) You keep voting for all of this with the two party system of endless lies that props it up for the last 150 years.  As noted numerous times since 2008, if one party collapses, both will.  They both rely on creating a narrative based on lies and deceits of their faux enemies in the other party and the ego’s self-created boogeyman of the concept of the other. 

US Empire has clearly reached the point of overreach.  I want to dust off many major themes on here over the years but as it pertains to this post, I’m going to just make this statement. At some point, all great powers continue an expansionistic policy of plunder and control that enriches their elites.  Surrounding that dynamic rises a mythology of exceptionalism. The US is heavily steeped in this mythology with endless propaganda from the corporate media and corporate captured politicians. At some point, the cost of expanding territorial control and the force necessary to continue its plunder becomes greater than the profit of plunder itself.  The US is now at this point.  It can no longer marshal the forces necessary to control its own citizens or its external empire.  What does that mean? It means the endless contradictions of corporate capitalism, the basis of our empire, and the resources needed to “manage” those contradictions require greater and greater force that are exposing themselves reality.

One example is that the US domestic law enforcement spends more money than any of the world’s military powers. They don’t spend this to keep us free. They spend this to keep us enslaved to private, for-profit capital that needs an all powerful government to enforce law and order needed to achieve certainty of investor returns and profits. To force greater and greater austerity and gruel down our gullet as corporations extract greater and greater rent.   Thus, resulting in the massive prison state where a nation with 3% of the world’s population houses 25% of the world’s prisoners.  Are that many people in prison because Americans are horrible people? Or because the system is based on violence? I’ve already beaten the answer like a rented mule over the years.

It’s interesting that the same dehumanizing messages used within the United States to divide our domestic citizenry are the same messages being used against Russia and China. As expected. But people generally have a hard time seeing it.  Not surprisingly, governments in Europe and the US have choked off Russian media so we get the appropriate dose of western propaganda. Are the American people not capable of discerning facts from possible Russian propaganda?  While there was literally an insane level of left versus right hatred of a completely politicized CV19 dynamic, the left and right have rallied around the Russian war message.  We have a Democratic president continue to pump billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine, following Trump’s initiation of selling them weapons, and we’ve had Republican congressmen go so far as to say we should nuke the Russians. The escalation continues as I type this.

The world is literally on the brink everywhere. And, it’s not CV19 nor  the Ukraine or Russia.  It’s on the brink of massive civilization crisis.  No surprise on here.  And, I am 100% confident ain’t no woke perspectives on any side of the mainstream narratives, most of which are created by stooges working at corporate-controlled media. In the US, everything in the mainstream is a lie, twisted or deceitful to fit a narrative between the left and right division that controls us.  The world is really in no different situation with the capture of democratic governments by private, for-profit capital.  But, the US takes this propaganda to an art form.

I’m not a prepper, an apocalypse believer or anything else. I live an average life in an average community. But, I once again implore people to have enough food to last some months or longer, keep your vehicles full of gas to get wherever you may need to go to be safe in a crisis and to consider having means of defense of your person and your home. 

It is my perspective that the risks of a nuclear conflict have never been this high. Ever.  This isn’t because Russia is in Ukraine but rather powerful, private economic interests in the west have married with, or devoured democratic political structures to a degree not seen since the time of feudal barons and lords determined war and state policy.  We don’t have statesmen seeking dialog or understanding but a corporate state cabal whose actions are aligned with winning. The insanity of US and EU policy is beyond comprehension. Do whatever it takes to destroy Russia and a few hundred million people in that region who are also choking under the vomit of global corruption.

Everything is a lie as it pertains to the Ukraine but let’s take a few moments to consider what we do know. (And, this doesn’t mean I’m a Putin apologist either.  Putin, like Xi in China, is a statist who wanted to join the club controlled by US empire. The problem arises when growing too powerful and becoming a threat to US hegemony.) A short list includes-

  • -The US made numerous verifiable promises to Russia over decades that we would not expand NATO. But, we’ve assimilated 14 states and pushed armaments and weapons right up to their border.
  • -The leaked Wolfowitz Doctrine, created by the George Bush Sr administration more than 30 years ago,(Remember Bush ran the CIA, Capitalism’s Invisible Army, tried to pass NAFTA, a Reagan idea, and normalized trade relations with China after Reagan became the first president to sell arms to China.) that was never supposed to be seen by US citizens yet was leaked, codified the New World Order with the US being the global hegemon. It stated that the US told its allies they didn’t need to spend money on defense because the US would defend them. And, that the US would never allow Russia, China or another nation to ever become a threat to US power and dominance ever again. This was almost certainly leaked because some administration officials feared this would create a global economic, financial and military terror network headed by the US.
  • -The US knows Russia’s leaders view this encroachment as a threat to their security and Putin stated this time and again for twenty years, even saying he’d destroy Ukraine before allowing it to join NATO
  • I-n 2007, Putin spoke in Munich to a European and American audience that there is no concrete international law because the US uses whatever means possible to enforce its will on the world. And, that creates a lawless world order created and controlled by the US.
  • -Starting with Trump, the US has been pumping billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine. (Obama refused although apparently goaded to do so by his national security advisors) It’s now reaching a fever pitch.
  • -The current Ukrainian president and other of the nation’s oligarchy thugs were exposed by the hack of the Pandora Papers to have stolen large sums of money from the Ukrainian people.
  • -The US waves its power like a street thug waves a gun because it has no respect for the rights of others or the responsibility of anyone granted the kind of power that the international community placed in the US after WW2.
  • The New World Order is not a Klaus Schwab or Chinese commie creation. This was first publicly stated by George Bush Sr 30+ years ago. It is in reference to the global democratic order with the traditional G7 European nations and the US at the top.  Eight nations, including former and still aspiring colonial powers in Europe.
  • -Russia has repeatedly asked to join NATO and the EU but has been rebuffed without reason.
  • -US has military in 100 nations and 800 bases around the world. (And more dark and torture sites.) Are these invasions or occupations? Who’s invading whom? The US and the CIA overthrow governments, install puppets, bribe leaders who abandon their people for US geopolitical or corporate-profit-driven resource exploitation.  Where has the US spread democracy after World War II?  It spreads its military and corporate might as part of its capitalist empire. 
  • -Russian Ukrainians appear to have been bombed and even killed in the thousands by Ukrainian government and militarized factions since at least 2014
  • -In the Oliver Stone-produced Putin Interviews on Showtime(Which I would highly recommend. Get a trial subscription for free and cancel it after watching if that’s the only way you can watch it.), there are endless verifiable data points of US/EU aggression against Russia including a video showing Ukraine’s US ambassador bragging of the money they’ve pumped into the country to essentially create a US-controlled government.  And, in the background is the signage of the sponsors of the event, US corporations.
  • -The Ukraine is a complex cauldron of many different languages and histories that is tied together by a creation of the USSR. That includes what appears to be some of a anti-semitic and anti-Russian population.
  • -The US spouts endless propaganda about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Videos online and endless histrionics about a massive use of force are now being exposed as propaganda. The Russians have not used their air force because they told the Ukrainian people they wanted to rid themselves of the corrupt Ukrainian government.
  • -The US withdrew from its ABM treaty with Russia and in Europe and Japan either has missiles or seeks to put missiles or offensive weapons that threaten Russia
  • -The US caused the Cuban missile crisis by first placing missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons in Turkey and Italy. Cuba was the Soviet’s response.
  • -The US (and the UK) appears to have CIA officers training Ukrainians for years if not more than a decade.
  • -There was a coup in Ukraine in 2014 and Russia has publicly stated for years they have evidence the CIA and/or foreign elements are involved.
  • -Russia has stated publicly the CIA has been trying to overthrow Russian states and neighboring states friendly to Russia since the end of the Cold War.
  • -Wikileaks has exposed the US driven gas wars in Europe with Russia. And, numerous other unsavory US policy dynamics directed towards control of Europe and Russia. 
  • -Russia has been supplying energy and natural gas to Europe for 70+ years and has never used it as a weapon.
  • -The European Union had a chance to buy natural gas from Russia at a cost 90% less than what it has skyrocketed to in Europe today.
  • -Burying Putin and collapsing Russia and its sphere of influence in surrounding states opens up another 250+ million people for western capital to expand into to continue its global pillaging and profits.

Before you kid yourself that this is an isolated case, rather than how the US, and its partners in Europe that comprise global finance used to loot the world, this is and has been policy since at least the end of World War II. And, many of these policies happened for 150 years in the US as corporations were granted the rights of people and, as a result, have the rights to enslave citizens, lobby government, legally bribe government, destroy entrepreneurs and small business and dismantle democratic government.  Many of these same policies were started with Trump and exist with China.  Remember, China has done nothing other than to accept the courting of the US over the last 50 years.  China didn’t take your jobs or ruin your community with the massive offshoring of US private capital.  US corporations in league with the US government did that.  China was simply corrupt and immoral enough to accept. 

This is corporate capitalism that has devastated US communities, destroyed our economic determinism, kept us in endless wars of profit, terrorizes the world in the name of profits, exploits peoples of the world and our own citizens, spies on us, sends us to prison in record numbers and creates massive poverty.  And, that ties into one of the solutions I’ve talked about on here which is democratic credit to replace investor-owned, debt-based, private, for-profit capital that has devoured our nation and the world.

When investor-owned, debt-based, private, for-profit capital has a monopoly on all credit creation and money creation used to fund government, democracy and every activity of every citizen, they will eventually own everything including you and your government.  And, that is where we are. 

The cycle of volatility continues.  Buckle up because we’re just getting started.

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