Sunday, April 26, 2009

Volatility Rears Its Head - New Flu Virus A Major Pandemic Concern

Times of great volatility often include rare natural phenomena. Coincidence? I think not. On Friday news of a deadly new flu virus hit the front page of newspapers.

The greater the population density of humanity, the higher the risk of a pandemic of some sort. I don't know whether it will happen in my lifetime but there will be another pandemic at some point. Nature is very good at wreaking havoc from time to time. It doesn't help that we are giving her more ammunition with our cavalier attitude towards bioscience.

I've referenced naturally occurring volatility phenomena a few times on here without going into much detail - whale beachings and volcanic thunderstorm activity are the two I recall at the moment. A rather esoteric bit of data as it pertains to this new flu virus is that extraterrestrial forms of energy such as gamma-ray bursts or certain types of energy from the sun have the ability to mutate DNA here on earth. Obviously, this new virus is the result of a mutation. Recently NASA has been investigating new found and unidentified sources of extraterrestrial energy here on earth. Couple this with earth's weakened dynamo and its associated magnetosphere and we are at greater risk for extraterrestrial sources of energy impacting earth whether it be via mutation or other unknown consequences.

So are the heightened risks of pandemics over the last handful of years related to extraterrestrial forces? Nobody knows because our knowledge is nearly nonexistent on the matter.

As an aside, it might also be interesting to note that there is some evidence viruses are a building block of life in addition to a pestilence as they are viewed today. ie, The possibility exists that much of who we are was determined by incorporating viral codes into our body. Some have even hypothesized emotions. If emotions, why not the ever elusive consciousness? And what might enable these building blocks? Genetic mutations impacted by the universe's invisible hand?

Regardless of any potential tie into this current viral outbreak, I firmly believe our view of science and reality is mostly myth pieced together by our tiny little minds. Our foundations of scientific truth aren't even microscopically measurable compared to the truths of the universe. What I am saying is much of science is not science at all. We base entire disciplines of science on abstract theories presented by a handful of genius or original thought throughout history. That is, until someone comes along with a more compelling theory and some reasonable ability to lend proof to it. Even so, the data is often curve fitted. In other words, the data is often mapped against conclusions we seek to validate or simplified interpretations we have the ability to grasp. This is really no different than the curve-fitting science associated with Wall Street's Frankenstein finance models. They worked until they didn't. And many will never work again because they weren't really science at all.

Pure science is one of the most noble endeavors of mankind - the search for truth and knowledge - but our knowledge is a very thin veneer that masks our scientific frailty. And, frankly the frailty of life. The constant politicization and exploitation of science for profit or gain, with no regards for risks, will always create unpredictable consequences in the world be it nuclear weapons, "financial innovation" or something else. Ironically, it is the ignorance of those who have little understanding of or respect for science who most often seek to exploit it for reasons other than its purity or ability to do good. Biological weapons, nuclear bombs, Frankenstein finance, genetically modified foods - just a few of the attempts by those who would wish to use science to threaten humanity rather than advance it.

I will leave you with one thought to consider as it pertains to this new flu virus. Is humanity's definition of life an accurate one? Or, in fact, are we missing the very fact that the universe around us, including mother earth, is part of a greater life force? Or more pointedly, that we are deeply connected to a living energy of the universe? One that has created us? Has unrecognized impacts upon us? Charts a course for our existence of which we have little control?

Remember last year we wrote of the potential for extraterrestrial sources of energy being a root cause of volatility. So what really is volatility? It is a change in the predictable. And, what is the greatest act of volatility this planet has ever experienced? Why, of course, I could think of two. One would be the creation of this planet. The second might be the never-ending creation and destruction of life and new forms of life. Could volatility simply be the universe's immeasurable life force acting in ways we clearly do not understand?

Maybe one of these days we'll get into some esoteric discussions on volatility. But, for now they are way off-topic and there are way too many other relevant discussion points.
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