Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm From The Government And I'm Here To Help

Well, if nothing else, Ronald Reagan had unrivaled wit for a politician. That includes his quote above. I have harped incessantly on here that there is no such thing as great government. And great government does not define the American experience. The only greatness when it comes to government is one that recognizes the greatness of its people. Something that has always been lost by the majority of the political elite in this country. Always. Since its founding. For that very reason alone, government should never be trusted without full accountability to the people.

I actually like Barack Obama. That doesn't mean I support his policy. Because in his short time in office he has clearly shown me his core competency is not economics. That is obviously a reflection of his economic advisors who are simply rehashed left overs from the same school of economic ideology that has blown up the economy over a period of decades. Now, in a normal economic environment this fact wouldn't really be a big deal. But now that the federal government has become the economy, we are now presenteed with incredible, almost limitless risks because of this gap in competency. We are in fact allowing the blind to lead our economy. And they are likely to lead it right off of a cliff.

This article in the WSJ sums up a pretty good argument why government shouldn't be trying to run the econony as it is today. Frankly, as it has for the last thirty plus years. In fact, it has been government policy that has destroyed the economy over the last handful of decades and now the government is coming to the rescue? The absurdity of this is beyond words. Only logic such as this could only be found in the minds of politicians.

Since the government has become the market, business and the economy and this blog is about markets, business and the economy, we'll be talking more of this in the future.
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