Thursday, May 14, 2009

Legalized Tyranny In Return For Political Favors - Senate Embraces Al Capone-Type Extortion While Constituents Hang From The Bankster's Rope

There used to be a time in America where it was illegal to charge 20-41% interest rates. Rates that would make even gangster Al Capone blush. This really infuriates me because these morally bankrupt tactics are most prevalent amongst underprivileged adding to a repressive policy that thwarts economic opportunity for many in society. This is truly criminal regardless of its legality. Many states are taking legal action on these gangster tactics but in reality they are fighting the federal government. Since Washington politicians embraced their own personal gain at the expense of protecting its citizens, the rightful owners of this country, consumer protection has become a joke. But, we hear many argue that it is the personal responsibility of the individual to understand what they are getting in to. A truly hilarious lie.

Ironically, extortion-type mobster lending rates have been illegal in societies since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Every major religion has explicitly decried these extortion schemes including ancient biblical text comparing it to rape and murder. Ancient interest rates were most often capped around 8%.

Thousands of years later, what have we learned? Quite simply concentrated power is never to be trusted and must always be accountable to the sovereign. Because human behavior has not changed one iota. And now we have legalized stealing from those least able to afford it. And that money is lining bankster executive pockets while American citizens hang from the end of a bankster rope.

Ironically, there are ancient cases when lending rates were deregulated and citizens were sold into slavery. Is 20-41% interest really any different than modern day slavery? Crooks are too heavily influencing policy decisions in Washington. Who works for the American people? Who will stand to account? Is your representative truly fighting with all of their energy to stop the banksters and their influence-peddling?
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