Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pimco Chatters About Government Debt Downgrade

This is my Twitter-ish comment for the day since I don't Twitter and never will. I see El-Erian and Gross from Pimco are on the game show circuit recently prattling about the U.S. debt potentially being downgraded because of profligate management of the people's money.

So tell me this. What type of firm begs the government to buy assets to bail themselves out then turns around and bad mouths the government policy of bailing them out once they have the money in hand? Why, that would be Pimco.

Save your own extravagant lifestyle then criticize the people for saving you as you sit at home in your multi-million dollar home paid for by the government. I'm sorry. Everyone I talk to holds these two in very high regards but Pimco would probably be bankrupt right now without the government bailing them out. And they didn't see this crisis coming. And I don't see that they have any real indication of what needs to happen in the economy to turn it around. (One thing would be not to bail out Pimpco.)

To me, these guys seem no different than pimps. So, I have a better idea. Since Pimco is on an altruistic mission to save the world, let them publicly state the government should not be backstopping the assets Pimco owns so that the government can reclaim its credit rating. In other words, get off the public dole Pimco. Yeah right.
posted by TimingLogic at 8:42 AM