Monday, June 08, 2009

Britain Is In The Midst Of Political Crisis

Okay, I'm putting this post up because a reader asked me to write about the government crisis in the U.K. This is the extent of my remarks. :) The Telegraph has an entire page focused on the implosion and crisis of the Gordon Brown government if you are interested.

I will make a few comments as it pertains to our theme of expanding volatility. For the first time in the history of the world, society has an instantaneous ability to communicate across the globe. And to be able to do so well outside of the ability of the power structure to contain it. The internet has become a great equalizer in the struggle for freedom and liberty. For that reason, we see continued efforts to try to regulate it or control the internet.

Remember that great social change is a recursive process. In other words, it starts as a seed germinated by a select few. King, Gandhi, Mandela, Anthony, Jesus Christ and others. So the spark of volatility has the potential to ignite like gasoline across the globe. Don't think every government on earth doesn't realize this. I am not surprised coverage of the building crisis in the U.K. is getting little attention in the U.S.
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