Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Five States See Possibly Shutdowns

Link here.

Now, I don't wish to see states shut down more than anyone but let's put this in perspective. We had a post some time ago where we highlighted California as an example. The state budget went from $80 odd billion in 2000-2001 to $140 odd billion in 2008-2009. What increase in services did the state offer citizens with this massive increased burden? Did your standard of living double in the last eight years to support a near doubling of taxes? Cut the budget back to levels of a few years ago and the budget problem is solved.

Threats of suspending basic services are a form of economic terrorism. Every state government has more than enough resources to meet basic services to society. Cut wages, cut workers, cut benefits, cut nonessential spending, cut new projects that don't have a two year ROI and on and on and on. The government has to join the real world. A world they created through policy. Maybe if the taste is bitter enough, we'll see a change in said policy. And, on the Federal level, there is easily a trillion dollars per year in nonessential spending, excluding stimulus, that could easily be cut. That would be spending associated with wars and international games of the state.
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