Monday, October 12, 2009

Dimwitted Central Bankers Dimwittingly Shift Reserves Away From Dollar

This is an example of rational-sounding stupidity reported in the press. If any unknowing person would read this article, from a legitimate news source, they would probably concluded that the article represents a plausible analysis.

They would be wrong. Because they don't understand even a basic tenet of global finance.

Do you really believe dimwitted central bankers know how to manage risk? Have you ever seen any evidence supporting this belief? The last time this dynamic developed was right before foreign markets collapsed last year and the world's central bankers ended up literally begging the United States Federal Reserve for dollars - which we gladly gave them via the Fed's central bank swap programs and easy money at the IMF. Thank you American citizens for bailing out dimwitted central bankers. Again.

Using this data point alone, we may concluded that the world could again be nearing some type of substantial tipping point. Of course, courtesy of dimwitted central bankers.
posted by TimingLogic at 9:35 AM