Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Letter From Congressman Grayson - Stop Bernanke's Reappointment Until We Know Where Our Money Went

Congressman Alan Grayson is someone who obviously understands the populist outrage at Washington and he is channeling it for his personal gain. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. That is how our political process should work were it not for the fact that monied interests have corrupted that process. I thought Grayson's letter was worthwhile so I'm posting snippets of it on here. I would encourage you to go to UnmaskTheFed.com and contact your Senator as the Congressman implores us to do.

Last week, Ron Paul and I sent a letter to the Senate Banking Committee about the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke.

Before he is confirmed for a second term, we think the Senate and American public should know who got the $2 trillion the Federal Reserve has lent out over the last two years. Only then will the Senate be able to judge whether he should keep his job.

It's important that the Senate hear from you. That's why we've launched UnmaskTheFed.com, an easy online tool to let you contact your Senators.

Visit UnmaskTheFed.com and ask your Senators to vote NO on Ben Bernanke's confirmation until the Federal Reserve comes clean on what it has done with OUR money.

It would simply be unreasonable for the Committee to confirm Bernanke to another term given how little is known about what he has actually done. Remember, Ben Bernanke didn't see the crisis coming and has added $1.2 trillion to the Fed's balance sheet through covert bailouts..................

....................It's the Senate's responsibility under the Constitution to properly question and debate any of the President's nominees. Without these documents, I don't see any way they can live up to that responsibility. Help me make sure they do.
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