Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unprecedented Corruption Through Usury And Tyranny Continues Unabated

Link here. And what do the children with limited economic opportunity in Compton, California or Youngstown, Ohio receive in return? Economic opportunity, might I add, limited by economic ideology that enriches Wall Street at the expense of society. Why they get the bill, of course.

This is far and away the greatest crisis in American history. We need public banking. And maybe even more importantly, we need to break up the political party monopoly run by corrupt stooges. Stooges have have encouraged this economic terrorism in our economy.

It's interesting to see that the President is on a fundraiser on Wall Street asking for more political money at the time we are supposed to be reforming the financial system and hopefully corporate governance. How much fundraising money would you suppose the President could raise were he to drive home tough financial reform? How about none.

Change you can believe in?
Ha ha ha.
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