Friday, November 20, 2009

Federal Reserve Audit Back On? Society Must Maintain It's Pressure On Congress.

After a few flippant responses, my freshman Congresswoman alerted me last night that she now supports an audit of the Federal Reserve. I'm sure the barrage of correspondences and the responses at the public health care forums held by Congresspeople gave her a new perspective on reality. Serve the will of the people or find a new job. And, I told her in very clear terms I would do anything and everything within my power to make sure she finds a new job if she didn't support this audit.

I am amazed at the ridiculous arguments trying to keep the American people from knowing what is going on at the Federal Reserve. In a democratic society, a society of self-rule, how can there be any argument given to secrecy in government? That is not self-rule unless it involves giving up military information that may jeopardize human lives in the time of war.

This morning Senator Judd Gregg but forth a brain dead argument as to why we should not audit the Federal Reserve. That is, that Congress should not be involved in monetary policy. That is completely hilarious and a ruse. The countless billions of dollars that line our Congresspeople's pockets courtesy of Wall Street mobsters guarantees that Congress is already primarily responsible for monetary policy by setting the rules to the economy and banking. Judd Gregg needs to wake up or find a new job. The Federal Reserve's autonomy is a feint. A ruse. A lie.

The Constitution of this country provides Congress with monetary authority. Many of our founding fathers warned of private banksters ever gaining control of our monetary policy. They saw the evil that was the banking system in England - a major motivator for the American Revolution. The Federal Reserve has no Constitutional authority not granted to it by the Congress. None. The Congress is the voice of the people. As elected officials, they are accountable to the people. The Federal Reserve has no accountability to the people. This is purely circular reasoning to protect the crooked racket in Washington.

The Federal Reserve has enabled the crooks on Wall Street and given them countless trillions of our money. As a free society, we demand to know what is going on at the Federal Reserve. It is our authority. As a free people, we serve no master. No master. None. We serve a rule of law set forth by the people. If the Wall Street mobsters dismantled our laws and We the People now demand a new law, ie an audit of the Federal Reserve, our public servants are responsible for executing that law.

The crooks and liars will surely try to quell this audit again. We must keep the pressure on until the act has passed.
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