Tuesday, December 01, 2009

GM's CEO Steps Down

Even though GM is a very wounded firm, its cadre of engineers, scientists, designers and technicians may be without equal. Anywhere. Let's hope the board understands the qualifications necessary. Someone other than the financial idiots who have run GM into the ground. Maybe someone who is a proven leader of an industrial company. And I stress the word leader. GM does not need a bull in a china shop. ie, Some hack-o-rama turnaround expert. (Most often an oxymoron.) That means someone who has a strong record of working cooperatively with the rank and file. Someone who has a proven ability of leading a company which makes something. Preferably someone with a strong product development or engineering background. Someone who realizes GM exists for one reason. To serve customers. Frankly, were it up to me, the best candidate for the position would be AG Lafley, the head of P&G. That ain't likely to happen.
posted by TimingLogic at 4:44 PM