Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Proof Of Literally How Stupid Nobel Prize-Winning Economists Actually Are

I got this from a MarketWatch post from Paul Farrell. I love Paul but he fell out of bed and cracked his head when he decided to pen this article.

Here is the link to the Nobel-Prize winning economist's article where he cites China's economy will be $123 trillion in forty years. I can't believe anyone would be so stupid to pen such a line of pure bullshit. The entire premise for the article is completely asinine. It's brain dead. This has to be one of the most laughable and indefensible articles by a credentialed or learned idiot that I have had the displeasure of reading. It is all hyperbole. It's a mockery of any attempt at a reasoned analysis or a scientific method. Every single bit of it.

Anyone who believes they can predict economics forty years into the future, when the economics profession has never predicted any major event, shows just how truly incompetent this profession is. And I think it tells us generally about the type of person who is drawn to the profession. When economics was a social science, many of its minds were brilliant. Today it is full of intellectual monkeys. I'm sure it would be completely laughable to see the assumptions for his predictions. Which, by the way, is why he hasn't shared them.

China's sustainable economy is most likely no more than $3 trillion today give or take a trillion. How does one draw enough reasoned and scientific assumptions to go from $3 trillion today to $123 trillion in forty years? I'll tell you how. With absolutely incompetent, deluded, brain dead, unscientific, unreasoned hyperbole.

These are the type of dumbasses who are making decisions about our economy. And I do mean dumbasses. Candy-coating needs to be thrown out the window. We need to take an honest assessment of what is going on in our country. We need to realize as a nation how completely and systemically incompetent these bureacrats are. I appreciate their right to be stupid as a free and stupid mind but that is exactly why they should not be "managing" our economy. They should not have any ability to "rule" or have any dominion over the free and sovereign people of this country.

The economy needs to be returned to the people and not bureaucrats or ivory-towered academics who are shielded from the real world. This article would figuratively end this economist in a soup line in the real economy were he attempting to peddle this to the real world. In other words, in the real world, goods and services are exchanged for value. This type of ivory-towered bullshit has no economic value. No one would trade anything with this Nobel Prize-winning economist for his work because in the real world it has no economic value. It's bullshit. It's snake oil. It's a con job.

The government needs to set and enforce economic rules and regulations and get out of the way. Never change the rules, ever again. We don't have elections every two or four years so new people get to start making new rules. Politicians are supposed to be stewards.

Economics is a game. The government is the referee. It needs to create and enforce the rules. For the last thirty plus years, all we have seen is the opposite. Government meddling with the rules, dismantling the rules and creating new rules under the influence of legalized bribery continues to tilt the game away from economic value, away from We the People and away from freedom. And they often do so under the advice and counsel of Nobel Prize-winning economists.

Now there is hell to pay for this systemically incompetent and corrupt behavior. And who is paying? The innocent people of our country. Those who were unable to defend themselves from this endless corruption of our government.
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