Friday, September 10, 2010

Sinabung Erupts Again And Spews Hot Ash Three Miles Into The Atmosphere. The Fundamentalist Religion Of Anthropogenic Global Warming Is Dying.

If we continue to see substantial volcanic activity, I wonder what will happen to Al Gore's global warming? Well, I believe real scientists, aka paleoclimatologists as well as other disciplines of science, (as opposed to Al Gore who has been science-challenged his whole life) would tell us that would lead to global cooling. And in fact it was just a handful of hundreds of years ago that we experienced a mini ice age which was most likely induced in some part from volcanic activity. Remember, we are talking about minute changes in temperature that affect the planet quite substantially. There are many scientific reasons to believe the anthropogenic global warming religion is dying a volatile death. Before it does, I'm sure we'll hear Al Gore explain how earthquakes and volcanic activity are also caused by humanity. Of course, in the process of winning another Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking - pun intended - scientific research titled 'Anthropogenic Tectonic Activity'. We should expect another Academy Award for his work - Best actor (for histrionics) in the film category of fiction.

Global warming was obviously real. Poisoning of our planet is real. But the human-caused global warming scam is one of the greatest lies of our time. A lie perpetuated by bureaucrats who are wishing to imprint their neofeudalistic economic will on society's future. Just as they have with their current neofeudal economic policies. (It's not a scam per se as in a conspiracy. It's simply bureaucrats seeking to impose their will of what is right. That's simply what bureaucrats do. You know, like King George used to do. I'm sure Georgie also thought he was within his authority and rights to impose his will on others.) The known and unknown energy forces, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, acting upon the earth in the blink of an eye dwarfs the cumulative impact of humanity since the advent of industrialization over a hundred years ago.

If we want to guard against the effects of human-caused ecological messes in this world, then democratic government should deploy policies which benefit merit or market-based economic solutions and therefore, greater economic wealth for society while at the same time, healing our planet. Instead the solutions being ramrodded through our government are bureaucratic mandates which negatively impact economic vitality and create massive encroachment of bureaucracies which ultimately saps society's wealth and freedoms. In other words, it's more of the same policies meant to enrich the same crooks who have run our economies into the ditch. Human-based global warming is a scheme of the corporatocracy and the bureaucrat's attempt to enslave the productive assets of society by taxing society into subservience. Alternatively, a democratic solution to greater ecology is achieved through democratically enabling society's collective will to create new solutions, new economic opportunity, new employment and broad-based wealth creation. These solutions benefit society and our ecology while leading to a stable democratic government.

Remember, re our theme of volatility, as we have said many times, volatility portends a change in trend. That includes financial markets, economics, the banking crisis, volatile weather patterns or whatnot. The only question is what the new trends will be. I would bet Al Gore's Nobel Prize it will not be global warming. I think it's safe to say one trend we can be sure of is that bureaucrats like Algore won't be successfully scamming society with their neoliberal views of how the world should be. That has led to massive wealth transfer, destruction of our economic institutions, destruction of our social programs, destruction of our constitutional sovereignty and tens of millions of Americans with little economic opportunity. We've had just about enough of that.

By the way, in closing it might be interesting to note that Sinabung was also active during that prior cold spell we mentioned in the first paragraph. Coincidence? Irrelevant? Let's hope Algore includes that point in his new Nobel Prize application.

The world is seldom as it appears.

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