Thursday, September 02, 2010

Democrats Start To Dismantle Corrupt Corporatist ObamaCare And Mandates To Prop Up Private For-Profit Heatlh Insurance Monopolies

Hey, I'm loving the new health care plan. 2,600 pages of pure bullshit and special favors for corporations at the expense of the American citizens. A treasure trove of endless special secrets. You know, like that little prize at the bottom of your Cracker Jack's box. My insurance premiums went up 30 percent last year. I was really loving that until I got an ice pick right through the cranial vault with a whopping 38% increase last month. Democracy is a beautiful thing, if we actually had one. Of course, my insurance company blamed this year's rate increase on ObamaCare. Well, if nothing else, it's a nice cover to screw your policy holders as you have been doing for years. In all of the years I have had insurance with this satanic cult, I have never filed a single claim. So, I just shopped around and in one of the most populous states in the country, I have but a few choices. What a surprise, the oligopoly lives. And guess what? All of the insurance companies charge within five percent of each other and they all have the exact same policy contracts and terms. Can you say market-rigging and price-rigging? Let's see. What ever happened to the Sherman Anti-trust Act? I suppose rigging has absolutely nothing to do with my 38% increase. Gotta love it.

Could Medicare be worse? Why didn't we just offer citizens the opt-in for Medicare at cost? That would have been a ten page bill. If doctors don't want to accept Medicare payments, that's fine by me. I'll visit a community clinic who doesn't have the massive overhead and accumulated debt of the corporatized health care industry. They will accept Medicare. The health care industry is headed for a hard landing anyway. They too suffer from the idiocy of big that the bureaucrat has created.

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