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Mary Landrieu - Obama-McConnell Plan Is Almost Morally Corrupt. Almost?

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President Obama is paving the path to be one of the worst Presidents in modern times.   There is a chance with two years left and his inability to acknowledge massive fraud and corruption subverting democracy that he could actually turn out to be worse than George Bush and Bill Clinton.   To label him a socialist, as many political idiots have, is ridiculous.  Socialism is defined as the public ownership of production.  President Obama and other politicians are contrarily endorsing the sale of publicly-owned resources to private interests.  And personally, for me, if there are two politicians whose actions I see are truly evil, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner fit the bill.  So why does a McConnell-sponsored bill not surprise me as morally corrupt?  This is what we get when the two party monopoly dominates politics that perpetuates corrupt party platforms driven by their hoards of dirty cash.  They force out honest candidates or marginalize them as crackpots as they have done thousands of times across the country.  As they did with Ross Perot, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul in the Presidential elections.  

"I represent a broad constituency of hard-working, poor families, many of whom are African American," Landrieu said. "The median net worth of African American families -- net worth, not income -- in this country today according to our Census is $5,000.

We are borrowing money from constituencies, and large segments of the population like this -- now I've got many non-African American families that are just as poor...$5,000 is the median net worth of African American families in America, and we're borrowing money from them -- African American and otherwise that might be making over $1,000,000, I think we need to go back to the drawing board.”

Now we can have a philosophical debate whether uber rich or underprivileged should pay greater taxes or the same taxes when democracy is actually at work.  Frankly, I don’t believe any taxes should exist on an individual’s private property.  Property as defined by the Constitution and its framers.  That includes my person as my property.   This allows the state to take or control or threaten my property for economic reasons.   That is comparative to something like a consumption tax where those threats don’t exist.  But to allow massive theft on a never before scale and then protect those who are the thieves from any form of financial accountability is an extension of existing corruption.   The uber rich have not only stolen our government and our society’s wealth, they have no financial accountability in endless profit-making wars carried on the backs of enlisted Americans, generally those without a voice in Washington.  

There is no valid argument that our anti-democratic economic policies have relied on anti-democratic wealth transfer from the poor and middle class to the rich for decades.  Wealth creation in this country fizzled decades ago.  It’s all about legalized stealing now.  We now have the uber rich, corporations and foreign entities bilking society.  And now that the uber rich have stolen all of our society’s wealth through economic policy and outright bailouts, they are using it to bribe our government in an attempt to keep it.  And they don’t care if education, public safety or other programs benefiting those they have screwed is cut in the process.  Let them eat cake.  I remember another time when the uber rich made a similar proclamation.   

There is so much man-made suffering which need not be.  And at its core, it is all because of corruption.  Washington political parties and their goons have not earned the right to serve the great people of this country.   How can the richest country on earth have any segment of the population with a median net worth of $5,000 and have politicians trying to save or extend the system as it is?  How can we endorse trade deals that treat people like dogs rather than to spread human development?   Where is the dignity of a living wage either within the U.S. or with our corrupt trade agreements?  Where is the pride exhibited by industry in creating the wealthiest class of workers in the world as it once did?  Where is the nobility of lifting up impoverished countries through noble policies of moral clarity?  Where is the virtue of a just and democratic society?  Washington has ceded its moral authority.   The leaderless society continues.

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