Saturday, December 04, 2010

The American Government Looking Out For You - U.S. “FREE” Trade Pact Set With South Korea

And our lovely friends at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are delighted.  Obviously, with good reason – this is a damn fine piece of legislation.  Ahem. 

A sustainable economic model would keep politicians out of the economy and would negate the need for the endless red tape in individual trade pacts.  By the way, who negotiates these things?   And given they aren’t economists, who provides the “regulatory framework” included in these massive documents of bloat and bureaucracy?  Why that would be the same idiots who brought us a horrendous health care bill that makes a horrendous health care system even more horrendous, or the same idiots who gave us reformless financial reform, or on and on and on. 

There is so much red tape and useless code in our rule book, the codified code of the United States, that there is absolutely no way it can be enforced.   It would take every lawyer in the United States working full time for the government on enforcement.  Ahem.  Maybe that’s why we have so many lawyers.  I think we call that job security.  Unfortunately, the law profession doesn’t make anything of value and they are making it mighty hard for others to make anything of value either.   

With so much red tape and tens of thousands of pages of laws being added annually, enforcement becomes impossible and arbitrary.   

We need regulations and the rule of law to guide our society.  We don’t need what Washington crooks keep foisting on us.  That is, more bullshit paid for by special interests. 

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