Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Federal Judge Strikes Down Unconstitutional Mandate For Every American To Buy For-Profit Health Insurance From Corporate Stooges

While sycophantic savoir worshippers were hailing the passage of a nearly 3,000 page corrupt health care bill they didn’t understand, we said this was likely where we would end up.  We’re going Supreme Courting.  Bad news for the corporatist health care bill.

Fixing this bill would mean repealing it and sending reform back through the bill-making process because it is too flawed to amend.  It seems to me a repeal is imminent. So then we can go back to an even more corrupt system where corporations run roughshod over the American people and Republican idiots squeal with glee.

If any of the Republican political stooges who say the system is working fine actually read this, I am one of those with health insurance that you cite in your bulloney statistics of how many Americans have health insurance.  But my deductible is so high that I am effectively self-insured.  In other words, all health care expenses come out of my own pocket and 100% of my premiums are pocketed as profit by the corporatocracy.  So my premiums were used to lobby our corrupt government.  I effectively have only re-insurance.  In other words, I have no preventative care and no insurance period except when I have a catastrophe.  In the insurance industry, that is called re-insurance.  My health insurance finally kicks in when I am a massive burden to the system or near dead.  Then what may have been prevented is now a massive cost and burden to the system.    There are countless millions of people like me who have health insurance in name only.   There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics.  I am a statistic. 

If we humanized this problem, maybe these politicians would actually act on behalf of empathy and justice.  If we made politicians watch the lack of dignity and injustice of those dying unnecessarily because they cannot afford health care or they are rejected or their health care is rescinded, most often for criminal reasons dreamed up by a legion of anti-Christ corporate lawyers, maybe their conscience would win out over the billions of dollars in bribes they receive.  If not, then I guess I’ll see them in hell in 2012.  :-)   I’m going to run for Congress and that’s my new campaign slogan – Hell in 2012.  It’s catchy, short, memorable and to the point.   

"It would be a radical departure from existing case law, to hold that Congress can regulate inactivity under the Commerce Clause if it has the power to compel an otherwise passive individual into a commercial transaction with a third party merely by asserting --- as was done in the Act --- that compelling the actual transaction is itself 'commercial and economic in nature, and substantially affects interstate commerce' it is not hyperbolizing to suggest that Congress could do almost anything it wanted."

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