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Public Advocate For The City Of New York – Wal-mart Is Bad For American Taxpayers, Bad For Employment And Bad For The Middle Class

This is a topic we have hammered for years.  Back when the world was partying hard, we wrote that many believed the Great Depression was caused in large part by monopolies.  And we wrote of their negative economic consequences.  We need a radical reform of our government as it pertains to the rules that are engaged to deal with monopolies and oligopolies before they are able to get to that point.  Every single sector of the U.S. economy is under the repression of such a dynamic.   If we had government leadership willing to right the wrong of decades of corruption and deregulation in our government, it would go a long way towards restoring economic democracy. 

This report on Wal-mart is gaining momentum around the internet and in my estimation its just about two decades too late.   I would encourage you to spread it across other blogs and internet sites as we will never see this in the mainstream media or in Washington political discussions. 

I’m quite familiar with Wal-mart’s strategies and know quite a few people who have worked with the retailer’s management in multiple capacities.  And having worked with retail management myself for a substantial part of my career, I know the impact the company has on our economy and other firms.  I would like to have a friend of mine who works for one of America’s largest retail real estate firms write an op-ed on here sharing Wal-mart’s real estate strategies.  But she would never do that for fear of reprisal.  You would find it quite interesting.   An unfortunate effect of a fascist government is that corporations wield their political and economic might to squash democracy and dissent, whether it is legitimate or not.  We live in an environment ruled by feudal lords who covet power and greed over democracy and as such, they use threats and intimidation by manipulating our legal system to keep a lid on democratic dissent

I have officially boycotted Wal-mart for years.   They are a prime example of corporate socialism, living off of the taxpayer dole to provide a below market cost structure that others wishing to play the game fairly have a hard time matching.   That is, unless they adopt the same job-killing, wealth-destroying strategies outlined in this report.  This is also a COMMON tactic also used by industrial food monopolies to make much of the Frankenfood we are presented at the grocery stores appear very cheap comparative to nutritional alternatives.   We are told this is due to the productivity of the American farmer.  In actuality, it is a result of the massive government handouts or corporate socialism which provides industrial and often toxic food at below market prices.   It is impossible to have a vibrant market-based economy within our current economic  framework where politicians whore themselves out for personal benefit while dismantling the rule of law.

Maybe an Orwellian world dominated by firms like Wal-mart is one some wish to live in.  They can hide behind supporting these dynamics under the Orwellian propaganda of the American flag, free market brainwashing and sub par quality provided by monopolies as they work so hard behind the scenes to subvert competition and working markets by manipulating government policies.  I choose not to embrace such a world or submit to such delusional propaganda. 

I applaud the Public Advocate for New York City for having the guts to do what few others outside of small town America will – calling a spade a spade.  Monopoly and oligopoly firms like Wal-mart create massive negative consequences well beyond the obvious and our government’s lack of will (because of the masssive legalized bribes or lobbying these firms do)  to enforce the anti-trust rule of law is a massive problem for our economy, for our personal liberties and for the dignity of our people as well as the dignity of the human race.  

I have included the report’s three main themes  below.  I think many of us can all attest to its accuracy with our real life experiences.   Especially those of us who have seen its effects and those of other big box retailers on small towns that have been hollowed out.

1. Wal-Mart’s Economic Impacts: Net Loss of Jobs, Fewer Small Businesses

2. Wal-Mart’s Costs to Taxpayers

3. Wal-Mart’s low paying jobs contribute to the decline of the middle class

This report is a BIG deal.  And a very constructive one at that.  The more it is publicized, the more detractors of monopolies and their bought-and-paid-for political toadies will gain a voice for enforcing the rule of law and, if necessary, adopting new rules to deal with destructive dynamics like this.

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