Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tony Blair And Muammar Gaddafi Make It Official – The Wedding Date Is Set For The 5th Of November

I have to say that Tony Blair, now a consultant for JP Morgan making a seven figure salary for blowing politicians so CEO Jamie Dimon doesn’t have to, looks smashing here.  It’s a JOKE!  I know Jamie loves blowing politicians and would never let Tony Blair take over that responsibility.  (Excuse the French but I sometimes have this uncontrollable urge to eat croissants, french fries and drink Perrier.  Sorry.  I never got into freedom fries given the source.

The point is that Tony and Muammar make a fine couple. 


I feel so safe knowing that political whores like Tony are busy blowing up people, including tens of thousands of women and children, around the world in order to root out terrorists.  Of course, that he is willing to also sell arms to just about any terrorist with good credit so they can butcher countless people under the jack boot of tyranny is simply a matter of the means justifying the end.  Remember, we have a constitution so politicians aren’t allowed to employ these types of crimes on innocent citizens.  But there is nothing in any constitution about people elsewhere.  Although, if we open our eyes and are honest with ourselves, we know the moral crimes are not defendable.   Did Muammar pay cash or were his dealings with Britain financed by banksters?  

Tony is a typical political hypocrite who knows how to sell his soul to anyone who will line his wallet, be it his new husband Muammar, Jamie Dimon or the military-industrial complex.  Moral clarity is never an issue if one has no morals to begin with.  And it appears from the Daily Mail article below that David Cameron is keeping up the tradition.

I’m so glad that American and British politicians are willing to tax us into squalor to fund endless wars all for justice and democracy.  Well, and for corporate profits, greed and power.  I can’t speak for Britain but the U.S. has indentified nearly $300 billion in possible fraud by military-security contractors during the reign of Alfred E. Neumann who also goes by the alias of George Bush.   We also highlighted back in 2009 that the Obama presidency was ramping up international sales of weapons to help spread democracy.  I’m sure this was a key point to winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  

Of course, it seems politicians in both countries are applying many of the techniques used in their foreign military campaigns to citizens in their own countries with spying, rendition, illegal search & seizure, fear-based political terror and  illegal detention.   

If we are honest with ourselves, we must ask a substantial question.  If our country is really a purveyor of peace and democracy, why are we selling a single weapon to another country that is not democratic?  That does not have a rule of law?  That does not have the same democratic institutions as us?  That uses these weapons to beat down innocent people and deny them their natural rights?  Or why do we give aid to Bahrain or trade with communist China?  I think the answer is quite self-evident.  Our economic and foreign policies have nothing to do with spreading democracy and everything to do with power, control and money.  Of course, maybe I have missed something and I need to be enlightened to the real truth.

Come on.  Politicians and banksters  have a sense of humor.  Look at the laughable jokes they have created with our economy, our banking system, our freedoms and our foreign policy. 

But Mr Cameron was accused of hypocrisy after it emerged that he had taken representatives of eight defence firms with him on his Middle East tour.

Critics pointed out that Gaddafi may well have been using British-made weapons to attack his fellow countrymen.

As the scale of the violence became clear, there was increasing condemnation of the former Labour government’s role in supporting Gaddafi’s brutal regime.

In the notorious ‘deal in the desert’ in 2004 the then British prime minister Tony Blair shook the hand of Gaddafi and said: ‘It’s good to be here’ as the two countries opened up lucrative trade links.

Today, as many as 150 British companies operate in Libya and some 3,500 expatriates live there, many drawn in by the economic opportunities.

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