Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Are Corrupt Regulators Turning A Blind Eye To Monsanto’s Roundup And Birth Defects?

There is zero scientific evidence that genetically-modified foods increase yield.  Zero.   Patenting food is a crime against humanity and was completely rejected by the U.S. court system until corporations took over our courts.  

I have done a lot of research there is nothing beyond marketing hype that there is any increased yields for genetically-modified crops.  And if Monsanto, as an example, reads this and wants to provide me independent research that is corroborated and confirmed to be independent by an independent scientific oversight body or testing lab, and I can confirm the authenticity, I will recant that statement and post the information on here.    Otherwise, I would like to personally invite the CEO of Monsanto to kiss my pasty white ass. 

Contrarily, there are endless questions and concerns about Monsanto’s Roundup, which is poured on genetically-modified Monsanto seed crop in massive sums.  Not all questions and concerns are clear cut but nonetheless, they are concerns.  Here is the latest.  Millions of tons of this chemical are being dumped on our food and apparently regulators around the world, apparently on the payroll of corporations or receiving financial gain for lying, have known about Roundup and birth defects for over a decade.

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