Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Insanity Of Those Seeking Power And Control & The Unsettled Mind

One of our theses on here is that reason and peaceful activism are the only methods we advocate to throw the bums out of office and agitate for transformational economic change.   A society cannot survive without reason and by extension the rule of law.  And it’s no coincidence both are in short order in the leadership vacuum in the United States. 

As I have said before, I am about as close to a pacifist as one can be without actually being one.   In other words, I understand in certain circumstances that the unsettled mind of people like Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin and others emerge into positions of authority and power.  And that these unsettled minds understand nothing but force.  Or, as Teddy used to say, walk softly and carry a big stick.  But in all but very extreme examples such as this, there is never a solution that involves violence, war or force of any kind.  Violence, war and force are the manifestations of the unsettled mind.  There is no exception to this reality whether that applies to someone’s personal life or to international political policy. 

Similarly, the unsettled mind seeking authority is not exclusive to third world countries or places void of democracy.  The unsettled mind seeks power and control within religious bureaucracies that has led to often systemic issues of child molestation and rape.  The unsettled mind seeks power and control to perpetuate messages of religious intolerance, bigotry and hate.  The unsettled mind seeks positions of authority within our political institutions, corporations, Wall Street and any bureaucracy affording it power and control to appease its own demons.   And often when the unsettled mind convinces itself it has no voice or no power and control, that same unsettled mind seeks to impose its distortions on other people through acts of abuse, violence and even murder. 

There is a universal truth with no exception as we have remarked before.  No man should ever have dominion over another human being.  Any position of dominion involves these characteristics mentioned above. 

Positions of stewardship and leadership in corporations, religious institutions, government and peace officers, as an example, are supposed to be filled with people honoring that stewardship granted to them in grace by society.  Instead they are often filled with the most unstable minds in society.  We clearly see that in spades today.  The world of authority has gone mad.  There is little reason, the rule of law has often been subverted or dismantled and the histrionics of politicians is almost to a level that I would classify as insanity. 

Chris Hedges and Eugene Robinson write two excellent articles on the heinous crime in Norway and how similar unsettled elements in our society are radicalizing much of our bureaucracies and by extension those they have dominion over.  That includes religious institutions. 

Chris Hedges link here – fundamentalism kills

Eugene Robinson link here – the influence industry of rage.

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