Monday, July 18, 2011

The Kleptocracy That Have Gained Control Of Our Society Have Learned Nothing. The Future Has Already Been Writ. They Still Don’t Get It…. Yet.

In countless posts including a prior post we put up with this Courier & Ives print from 135 years ago, we have hammered incessantly that what we are experiencing is not a recession.  That our economy has not recovered and that it won’t recover without a new economic model.    And we have discussed the historical precedence for brilliance being assigned to Goldman Sachs (and Wall Street) has actually been a harbinger of coming economic doom.  And of the misplaced viewing the rise of finance as some grand new economic paradigm (which is completely impossible since finance is nothing more than a tax on capital(ism) and society).  So, I thought I would repost this prescient picture for your viewing pleasure.

It is quite amazing to me that we hear nothing from politicians or the finance industry as it pertains to what economic activity increases the capital stock of society versus that which is a tax or a consumptive item.   This is a fundamental requirement to understand basic economics.   Especially sustainable economics.  As we have remarked numerous times, a job is not a job is not a job.  Some jobs actually tax society and thus are comparatively or completely undesirable as an economic burden that should be avoided if at all possible.  The entire financial industry and all supporting industries fit this category as we have ranted incessantly. 

Every single financial activity that is glorified today was recognized as a Ponzi scheme 135 years ago.  (As shown in the 135 year old graphic below.)  By the way, that includes the state’s infatuation with gambling,  taxes on finance and finance industry lobbyists funds as a source of political revenue.  It’s actually quite amazing and frightening to view this print because 135 years ago the U.S. was in the midst of the longest protracted depression in our history.  A depression created by elitists, banksters, the finance industry and politicians.   What have elites and politicians learned in the last 135 years?  What have we as a society learned about sustainability and economic democracy? 

As we have remarked for years, any time society views bankers as brilliant and government jobs as the most desirable available to society, the world is in a state of delusion that will eventually lead to a rude awakening.   We wrote that before the 2008 crash and how accurate that has turned out to be.  It will become even more accurate as the true world reveals itself.   Make no mistake, financial crooks, elitist thugs and politicians have destroyed our economy and it just didn’t happen under George Bush.  It happened under the watch of Republicans and Democrats who were engaged in a power struggle that reflected none of the ideals that our Constitution or most Americans hold dear.  This is especially true since Reagan took office.  And they did it all behind closed doors because in the light of day, the American people would have been aghast at what these people were doing to our society and the motives of greed, avarice and desire for more power behind those activities.   This is what William Black highlights as Control Fraud – an insidious fraud perpetuated by authority that uses their power and dominion over  society or corporations to steal from both. 

Without transformational change, the future has already been writ.   And that future is exactly the opposite of what banksters, the finance industry, elitists and politicians believe for they suffer from a deluded mind.

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