Thursday, July 14, 2011

“Big Thinkers” - Veterans, Senior Citizens And The Disabled Are Greedy Bastards Bitching All Day Long About Their Government

Mind you, this is a direct quote of the co-chair leading the White House’s commission on fiscal responsibility (To cut Social Security and other social programs while maintaining the corporate state).  Is this the voice of a  public servant who cares about the people of America or the voice of narcissism and self-importance? 

This type of “journalism”, or whatever you want to call it, is what you get when you drive reason & truth out of reporting, allow corporations to make news  profit-driven that then slash wages & budgets out of investigative journalism and then replaces it with bobble-headed  propaganda and mindless corporate swill.  

Big thinkers?  These are all people who either directly contributed to the crisis building for decades, benefited from the policies that created this crisis or were deer in the headlights as the crisis locomotive came rolling down the tracks.   I do see one thing in common - they are all card-carrying bureaucrats of the corporatocracy.  Not a lot of creativity and ingenuity created by people who live off the work of others.  But the comments section really is quite hilarious.  

posted by TimingLogic at 10:40 AM