Friday, July 08, 2011

President Obama Offers Up Cuts To Medicare And Social Security To Save The Idols Of Control And Power Worshipped By The Corporate State.

More Privatizing Gains While Socializing Losses.  Might I add, socializing losses onto the backs of the most underprivileged people in our society.  People who are usually underprivileged because they don’t have a voice in Washington.  No money to offer up to politicians => No voice. 

I told you years ago they were eventually coming for your Social Security.   What better way to do so than to have someone who is perceived by many to be on the side of the people to deliver that message?  

We do not need to cut Social Security.  Period.  Let me repeat that.  Period.  Almost everyone wants Washington spending curbed.   Spending 70% of national income is ridiculous and invites massive corruption and economic slavery for millions of Americans.  But as we have said repeatedly, until the fascist state is put under control, any cuts will damage democracy and our democratic institutions while preserving the fascist state.  And it is very clear that Obama will protect the war machine and corporate state at the expense of our democratic institutions.

The Obama administration is throwing the American people under the bus.

Republicans and Democrats simply present a false choice of varying degrees of immorality.  Dismantle the fascist state and its endless wasteful corporate welfare programs, rightsize our military to one of national defense in lieu of global political hegemony, get rid of Homeland Security and the CIA and any other secrecy-based institution not predicated on the needs of war, consider a new economic model, a new monetary model and then if all else fails, then consider cutting Social Security.  But the cut to Social Security would never happen under those ideals of reason and truth.  Instead our king decides in secrecy what the future of our government and society should be.  Often secrecy involving special interests who care nothing about democracy.  Is that self-rule?  Democracy?  Freedom?

I sort of view this process of realization around Obama and both political parties as akin to the breakup of a romantic relationship.  Slowly but surely one person starts to realize their idealization of their partner that their mind manufactured was nothing more than a delusion.  Lies of the mind.   After a while one begins to finally question their initial belief that what they shared was love, respect and loyalty.  Their voice is not being heard when seeking a say in how the relationship is progressing and how decisions are made.  There is no compassion or empathy from the other partner.   Their partner lacks any respect in their actions.   There is no desire to constructively work together to make the relationship better.  

At some point, one realizes that it is all about the other person and their mate never cared about them.  Ever.    Their mind lied to them.   If their eyes were open, and if they had made decisions for the right reasons as opposed to manufactured beliefs, they never would have committed to this person in the first place.  And that is exactly the case with Obama, the Republicans and the Democrats.   They never should have received our commitment, our loyalty, our respect and our trust.  But our minds lied to us.  Yet now we are seeing more and more clearly as our public servants are nothing of the sort. 

President Obama was elected on the backs of a belief.  It was a false belief.  One that is in the process of being shattered by his own actions.  That is, this person (Obama) cares about me and he is going to change Washington and save us from the cesspool of corruption that exists.  And he is going to restore our economic freedoms, restore our personal liberties and heal our nation.   Sounds a lot like a savior syndrome.  And, frankly, that is why many people enter into romantic relationships.  They subconsciously believe their partner is going to save them.  At one time or another we all suffer from the delusions that someone else is going to make our life better or make us happier or countless other lies of the mind.  Only you can be the change you wish to see in this world.  Only you.  

The reality?   Obama=Bush 2.0 or (Bush=Clinton 2.0 and Obama=Clinton 3.0)

I think the American people are in the midst of a breakup in their relationship with politicians.  A divorce, per se.  It has been going on for a few decades but then some breakups last much longer than they ever should.  This is one of them.   

Politicians seek office to exorcise or ameliorate their own demons by seeking power and control.  Power and control is an illusion that simply perpetuates the ego’s instability rather than the necessary reshaping of the mind needed to gain peace and stability.   That usually means We The People are on the receiving end of those ameliorations and exorcisms through unstable and even immoral actions of the unstable or ungrounded egos of politicians; just like in a romantic relationship with that same type of persona.

"A leader is best when people barely know he exits. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'." - Lao Tzu

Four more years of this?  Are you kidding me?  Vote for truth, empathy, personal empowerment, personal responsibility, integrity, honesty and the restoration of community and humanistic values.   Vote for true leadership.  As we have said for years, vote for leaders who reject the two party political monopoly as limiting the search for reason, justice, truth and morality.  Vote for leaders who wish to restore the intimate love affair and relationship of their government with We The People. 

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