Thursday, July 07, 2011

Crime In America Pays – JP Morgan Settles Municipal Bond Bid Rigging Suit By Paying Out Taxpayer Money

Inner city youth sell crack on the street corner many times because it is the only available option to make a living wage.  And that dynamic might involve the breakdown of the family unit due to lack of economic opportunity.  This because private for-profit banksters have robbed his community of economic opportunity and access to society’s capital.  

Said youth goes to prison for ten years for selling $10,000 of crack that impacts a handful of lives. 

Banksters manipulate and rig markets and sell our municipalities, charities and defenseless grandmothers endless toxic junk while rigging markets to the tune of illegally taking hundreds of millions to hundreds of billions of dollars out of society’s pockets.  This impacts millions of Americans.

Said bankers pay small fines that are a fraction of the profits they made in their racketeering while admitting no guilt and receiving no punishment.

Crime in America pays and it is endorsed from the top down.   Over time people learn to adjust and to do what is necessary to survive in an environment of fraud and corruption.  And often that is whatever they can. 

We keep putting the wrong people in prison.  What a surprise.  Most crime is economic.  Fix the economy and the problem with rampant crime and drug use will fix itself without another state-based war on poverty, crime or drug use that does nothing to solve the problem.

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