Friday, June 24, 2011

Jimmy Carter- Call Off The Drug War. I Have A Better Idea – Call Off All Of The State’s Usurpations Of Our Liberties.

The best weapon against drug use is a human mind that has an opportunity to create the necessary human needs of safety.   In other words, a reasonably centered mind. 

Most crime is economic.  And the greatest crimes in our country are not drug use but, in fact the crimes of the state.   Crimes that perpetuate and actually increase poverty.  Poverty is simply a form of violence perpetuated by the state and by corruption.  In a country capable of sending a man to the moon, there should be zero poverty.  Zero. 

Those that should really be in prison are those who perpetuate violent economic and political policies of poverty; something we have hammered on this blog.  That we ever incarcerated or even clogged our court system with petty use of narcotics is a crime in itself.   Casual use of marijuana is no crime any more than is the casual use of alcohol.  And addiction is no more of a crime than is cancer or a broken arm.  It is simply a reflection of a mind in need of treatment. 

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.” - Gandhi

As we cited years ago, that the U.S. has the largest incarcerated population in the developed world is a symptom of state-based or state-sponsored crimes against our society.  

That we have rampant drug use, gangs and organized crime in our country is an unintended consequence of tyrannical economic policies.   The breakdown of the family unit, the huge rise in drug use,  the high illiteracy rate, the rampant rise of emotional depression, the enormous rise in obesity, the institutionalization of a perpetual poverty class and more are all tied to state-sponsored crimes against society.  They are a result of denying a society their democratic right to society’s capital and to human development so that a relative handful of economic criminals can rape and pillage our society while leaving poverty and devastation in their wake.  

Self-rule and self-determination have been rapidly replaced by power grabs by the state, especially since the Reagan administration. 

When government is not used as a force for good, it is invariably replaced by the state, which is a force for evil. 

If society wants to reduce drug use, poverty, obesity, the illiteracy rate, the reliance on government poverty programs and on and on, the best method is not another state-enriching state-based war program; a war on drugs or war on illiteracy or war on obesity or war on poverty or any other state-enriching state-based war, it is to eradicate all such wars and to return our democratic and economic rights to We The People.   It is to empower a free people to do great things.  We are a great people capable of the same greatness that those before us were capable of.  We simply need to be empowered to do so.  That invariably means returning usurped economic and human rights back from the state and restoring them to community and to individuals. 

Carter is on the right track as he was as President.  But he doesn’t go far enough.  Carter should repudiate the rise of the state at the expense of our democracy.  Title link here.

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