Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Greece Administration Gets Vote Of Confidence – The Kleptocracy Ups The Ante In An Attempt To Rip Off Greece

Well, that wasn’t very easy.  The vote barely passed.  But, I wonder how much of that was calculated political dissent.  In other words, taking a straw poll of votes before the official vote, how many dissented for political reasons knowing the vote would pass?  A vote of no confidence might have meant all hell would have broken loose for some period of time in financial markets. 

Now comes the new austerity vote.  That’s next Tuesday.  The IMF is attempting to push the EU into having a defined austerity plan for the entire loan sum before it grants the interim loan that was to be decided next Tuesday.  

Remember, the IMF is a front for American hegemony granted under the role of reserve currency.   It doesn’t matter who smiles for the cameras as the IMF,  (Christine Lagarde  of France is jockeying for the front position as I type this.) because the United States has the deciding vote at the IMF.  In other words, zilch gets done at the IMF without the approval of the United States. 

So…   I have been hammering for years on here about the criminal nature of public-private partnerships, public asset sales of cash-strapped governments and demands for austerity which force governments to unwind and sell public assets to financial criminals.  The Biden Commission is currently involved in this very con in the United States as I type this.  Just as we said would happen years ago.   The kleptocracy is attempting to steal all of our democracy.  Useful idiots will tell us that the U.S. must embrace austerity because we are broke.  This is complete bullshit as we have cited countless times.  And, for those who believe this is our only option, you need to use your brain for a little more than a hat rack or for regurgitating bullshit spewed by con artists.    

The IMF is a tool of the fascist state.  It is demanding austerity so that American and European (second in voting rights at the IMF) kleptocrats can force distressed sales of assets owned by We The People of Greece.  And then have the kleptocrats pick them up on the cheap.  That is, the only entities left with the ability to buy our publicly-owned assets at distressed prices are the kleptocrats themselves – the people who stole society blind - Bankers, private equity, investment banks, etc.    The IMF is a fascist tool that serves little meaningful purpose other than manipulation by unstable thugs and crooks.

So, how many kleptocrats in the Greek political system know that a vote for austerity will ultimately benefit them personally either through opaque dealings already in place, promises of future benefit or employment by financial mobsters or other criminal con games?  This happens constantly in the United States and we can be assured it is happening in Greece as well.

The people of Greece need to stop the great rip off.  

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