Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Cycle Of Volatility – Is Ocean Life On The Brink Of Mass Extinction And Other Related Rantings

While humans clearly aren’t the cause of global warming as we cited with our post showing that all of the solar system is experiencing climate warming and severe storms, that doesn’t mean climate change isn’t real.  You’d have to be a Luddite dunce even bigger than Algore to deny our climate and weather are experiencing change or volatility or both.   In other words, all of this political folly for and against human-caused global warming is ridiculous nonsense driven by bureaucrats who know nothing about science.   Yet, they defend their positions by attempting to marginalize opposing views using the fallacious argument that “the scientific community is in agreement” or other dubious attempts at control.   It’s time to get politics,  bureaucrats and money out of basic science.  Period.

The changes in the ocean and many ecosystems are something that have piqued my interest for many years.   While I am dubious or worse about the causes and conclusions drawn by this report, there is no doubt that we are witnessing unusual phenomenon in nature.  And we would be foolish not to consider the possible consequences regardless of the cause.   The ego is good at deceiving humanity into believing we are masters of our own destiny and that science is the new God; both of which we have criticized as nonsensical positions on here before.  We clearly have no control over our planet and the universe and just so happen to have lived in times of relative calm, none of which is our doing, over the last fifty or so years. 

We have also discussed how nature seeks biodiversity as a mechanism to protect against disaster and catastrophic population and ecosystem collapse.   Not only does this apply to ecosystems that industrial farming and genetically-modified foods are subverting but it also applies to economics.  It is the exact reason why our economy is failing.  That is, lack of economic diversity caused by manipulation and monopoly by a very few. 

It would be nothing for the planet to knock off a few billion people in response to unintended consequences of our actions or events beyond our control.  Collapsing bee populations or introducing frankenfood (GMOs) and billions of tons of chemicals into nature or mass collapse of any ecosystem could have devastating and unintended responses as are starting to creep up today as nature adjusts to changes in the biosphere.  

Nature creates a stasis and harmony over millions of years and we clearly do not understand the first thing about how or why.  It is only the ego or self-delusion of man to believe he can tame volatility or the natural world or attempt to upset that stasis without unintended consequences.  A maxim man must learn to live by is to first do no harm or suffer the consequences. 

"Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace." -Albert Schweitzer

These are issues that clearly should be a concern as we have cited numerous times over the years.     

The application of energy and matter to biological life is generally a concept that has no real consideration by modern mainstream science.  Therefore,  if the basic keys to the universe as we understand them are not  even taken into consideration, and the countless keys we don’t even yet recognize are therefore not even factored, then as we have said before, most of what we call science is junk or simply the extent of prevailing knowledge or thought at any given point of time rather than any type of universal truth.   And I could cite countless examples of how junk science is being exposed today.  

Or as we have written, this is a cycle where self-delusions of the human ego will fail.  That means junk science, junk economics and junk politics and all of their associated institutions of ideology are being exposed.  Even simple things like our cell phones, our carpet, our mattress, our food, much of our medicine, and our television are now being called into consideration as potentially unsafe sources of toxins or worse.  Ditto with economic and political institutions that are sources of endless propaganda and junk science rather than any universally-accepted form of reason or truth. 

Volatility always precedes a change in trend.  That not only applies to financial markets, but it applies to sociology, climatology and on and on.    Science that focuses on chaos, stochastics, natural phenomenon, volatility, etc clearly understands this dynamic even if political idiots, economist dunces and criminal banksters don’t.    And as part of our theme that we are in a cycle of volatility, we have said for years that we are likely or almost certainly headed for a period of global cooling; something we would expect as climate becomes more and more volatile.   Something that the qualitative interpretation of astronomical and terrestrial data supports.  Well, as do many longer term data points including a clearly not-well-understood 170 astrological cycle that has been understood on some level for at least the last one hundred years.  

As it pertains to ocean life on the brink of collapse, we can consider that many of the factors, most of which are clearly not understood AT ALL by science let alone politicians and bureaucrats, that affect our climate are also affecting our oceans.  And we clearly see this with bureaucrats trying to tie the acidification of oceans directly to and only because of human-made global warming.  And because the same factors are affecting both, we could be seeing a change in trend here as well that would again be counter to projected science cited in this report.  (Just as we are currently in the midst of a change in trend in our economy and associated corruption of our politics and a fraudulent banking system.  The same forces of nature that affect our planet affect our cognitive abilities and therefore, economics as we have remarked before.   Hence our long term thesis that we are experiencing the same Age of Enlightenment that happened many centuries ago as the concept of freedom from elitist tyranny became a reality for the first time in modern civilizationAnd the global volatility that is sacking crook after crook in in countries around the world should therefore be no surprise because it completely supports our Age of Enlightenment cal that we have been ranting about for many years.

By the way, it’s not necessarily any type of causation or anything we can clearly and scientifically tie to such, so much as we can be sure that it is correlation, but it appears democracy loves periods of global cooling.  So, maybe there is too much despair that the crooks have won the war by defeating We The People.  Contrarily, we have said they have won nothing.  That they won the first battle using the element of surprise but just as we can cite numerous times throughout history, justice eventually prevailed after initial victory of evil using the element of surprise.  All in due time. 

But one thing we can look forward to since crooks have honed the modern propaganda machine is that as long as the con game continues, they will eventually be telling us that we should all start burning as much carbon-based fuel as possible to start heating up the planet.  

Maybe I can win a Nobel Prize for that recommendation.   It’s just as valid as Algore’s Nobel Prize as it uses the same logic.

It’s good to be the king.  Not much longer though.

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