Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bernanke Suffers From Cranial-Anal Inversion Syndrome Again – Blows Economic Mumbo Jumbo In Recent Remarks

I have nothing personal against Ben Bernanke.  Actually I supported the Federal Reserve’s intervention into financial markets to stop the complete collapse of our banking system back in 2008.  But I didn’t support the extension of criminal behavior, incompetence and  monopoly financial institutions post that bank crash.  Bernanke has become nothing more than an enabler of Wall Street’s criminal fraud and by conclusion the political fraud that banking criminals use to manipulate our government and subvert the rule of law.  

Literally, every thing out of Bernanke’s mouth in this video is nonfactual.  First of all, I would like to know what exactly he sees with a second half pickup in employment?  That is, beyond his Ouija Board.   Does he just get to make up his views or does he have supporting scientific or reasoned documentation?  It’s ridiculous that a head banking bureaucrat can stand up and make such broad statements without telling us how he came to those conclusions.   Tell me what economic data or clearly articulated economic dynamics are going to drive this pickup?  Secondly, Bernanke goes into a diatribe about this recovery being subpar because the housing market is muted.  That is completely ridiculous and an economic farce.  As we have uniquely remarked many times, housing will NOT lead the U.S. out of recovery when we finally push aside these idiots.  Housing does almost nothing to increase the capital stock of society.  There may be ancillary businesses that do moderately increase the capital stock but housing is a consumption item.   The fundamental economic underpinnings of the U.S. economy were collapsing through the housing bubble; a point nary a single financial blogger or economist that I am aware of seems to understand.   For housing to recover, the U.S. FIRST must increase its capital stock.  What do they actually teach in college economics curriculum?  Seriously.  No wonder our economy is a mess.  It’s built on Humpty Dumpty theories espoused by learned idiots who make up theories accepted based on correlation rather than scientific truth.  Then they go out and blow this bulloney into congressional testimonies, Federal Reserve policy, new college curriculum and corporate economics teams.  And if political idiots actually understood what economic effects their legalized bribes by corporate American and their henchmen of economists had on our economy, we never would have had a housing bubble; another reason to keep these clowns out of our lives with an economic constitution.  Finally, Bernanke blows that our fiscal problems are long term in nature.  Another ridiculous lie.  They are long term if we keep listening to economic idiocy espoused by a class of bureaucratic dunces, elitist criminals, corporatists and the war state.  Once again, to repeat what we have said many times before, the U.S. economy has roared many times in history with high debt loads and it can again.  The problem is not debt.  Bernanke needs to find a job serving up some tasty hamburgers along with all of the other political idiots because his faulty belief system is pushing us further into the morass of lunacy. 

This great nation will recover when we embrace what makes this nation great.  That is, community and freedom; both economic and personal.  That would be a restoration of economic and political self-rule.

A reminder via a prior video we put up on here before highlighting Bernanke’s Cranial-Anal Inversion Syndrome

Cranial-Anal Inversion Syndrome explained for those seeking a college-level equivalent course in economics.

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