Sunday, June 12, 2011

Change You Can Believe In – The Tyranny Of Statism. President Obama Seemingly Never Met A War, A Bombing Campaign, A Corporate Welfare Program, A Bailout Of Corrupt Bankers Or A Waste Of Taxpayer Money He Didn’t Like

I guess the change candidate Obama promised and We The People got was the most spend-happy statist president in 130 years - even worse than George Bush – although Bush was probably better at taking from the poor to give money to the rich. 

A very telling statistic.  Lobbyists, the war machine and corporations are surely getting their money’s worth of a government for sale to the highest bidder.  This president loves to spend other people’s money regardless of whether it benefits the war state, the corporate welfare system or any other special interest

In Oceania all spending is good spending.  Orwell would be proud

Rather than re-empower a nation economically, return economic rights and our democratic destiny to the people of our country, which would solve both our economic crisis and solve the profligacy and outright ridiculousness of bureaucrats like Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama, our president, in classic neoliberal tradition, believes he alone has the answers to our plight by stamping yes to every spending bill that crosses his desk.   We no longer elect a president.  We elect royalty.  And that is manifested in his absurd belief (confirmation bias) that he alone should spend all of our money and apparently that the presidency has no limits to its authority – something George Bush perfected with ridiculous conclusions by White House lawyers willing to shit all over our rule of law. 

Our president seems to know little of history, even less of economics and almost nothing about democracy.   We don’t need any government spending nearly 70% of national income.   We toil and bureaucrats spend all of our money?  Joseph Stalin would be proud.  And so would those southern plantation owners.  We need a government of the people, by the people, for the people. 

When every American who wants to work is able to find employment with a living wage, then I won’t protest too much if politicians piss away some of our money on nonsense.  But our president’s jobless jobs propaganda program has netted less people employed today than when he took office.  His homeowner loan modification program has similar results.  His health care reform bill is 2,500 pages of the best red tape bought and paid for by lobbyists and the war state continues to spy on Americans, destroy our rights and bomb the world into submission.   So, if his spending doesn’t benefit our community and our democracy but instead enriches the corporate state, and if he isn’t going to fix the economy, keep people from foreclosure fraud, ensure the future of democratic social programs or somehow provide real democratic employment opportunities that pay a living wage, then might our president might care to read one of our prior posts on here - “It’s Not Yours To Give”.  

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