Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Cure For Cancer? The Documentary “Burzynski The Movie”

The medical establishment is a bureaucracy just like the government, major monopoly corporations or even establishment religion.   Any bureaucracy first seeks to perpetuate itself rather than to seek truth.  And that means there is enormous resistance to change that often requires crisis, contrarian thinking or a groundswell of generalized acknowledgement that the bureaucracy is wrong in order to affect change.   And as a bureaucracy, there is tremendous herd behavior within medical research and mainstream medical thinking.  I know from much of the medical establishment’s own research, that billions are spent annually on completely worthless treatments.  Billions.  But, there is so much self-interest that treatment methods that are complete failures and have no substantial measurable outcomes are perpetuated.  We’ll call out a few on here at some time in the future.  And we’ll substantiate them using the medical establishment’s own research. 

One day the world will look back on much of what the medical establishment classifies as treatment to be as cruel and inhuman as practices used thousands of years ago.  Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the science or understanding for many serious illnesses such as cancer.  So, the medical community does what it can.

But, make no mistake, the drug industry, for one, will fail to exist at some point.  Drugs simply are an attempt to illicit a response from our natural healing system that allows the body to cure itself.  But the side effects and unintended consequences are substantial.   As new technologies become available to stimulate the body to heal itself, the use of drugs will completely disappear.  Completely.  That may be a decade from now or it may be one hundred years from now.  But, it will happen. 

I typically wouldn’t even post anything like this but I am going to make an exception after watching this documentary.  But I’m not going to place my reputation behind endorsing this documentary.  Maybe it is all quackery.  But maybe it’s not.  It makes perfect sense to me that when a corrupt bureaucracy and legal system subverts the search for truth that someone would take their case to the court of public opinion as is done in this documentary.  If I had severe cancer or knew anyone who did, I would at least want to be aware of this research and do my own diligence.  There is an entire cancer treatment bureaucracy serving tens of billions of dollars in profit and hundreds of billions of investment that would do anything to perpetuate itself.  And first on that list would be to discredit anything not serving that bureaucracy.   There appears to be some substantiated and amazing stories of recovery.  Now, given I have not done any diligence nor am I a subject matter expert, this all comes with a waiver.  That is, do your own diligence.

The documentary is free to watch until Monday midnight. 

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