Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stock Up On Your Arsenic-Laced Chicken For Summer BBQs Courtesy Of The FDA

But, to be sure, it is only in low levels.  Is that a joke?  How low does one need to go to avoid cancer and the other side effects of incredibly poisonous arsenic?  And, you had to know, some corporation bribing our government was making money off of lacing our chicken with one of the most poisonous toxins on earth.  (By the way, this is par for the course for much of the industrial goop that is on our grocery shelves courtesy of fascism.  Once again, please watch the documentary Food, Inc.)

Oh by the way, the natural gas fracking we have remarked of on here and the associated documentary Gasland?  Well, in additional to the dozens of other poisonous compounds, corporations are pumping arsenic into wells all across our country to extract natural gas.   And because the natural gas industry wrote the legislation, they wrote exceptions into the bill that  shield them from EPA prosecution for crimes against our country.  Enjoy those eight glasses of clean water you are supposed to drink today. 

Our Orwellian government is completely mad.   The more secrets that are exposed, the more mad we realize they are.  We need to permanently get politicians out of our private lives unless there is complete transparency into anything they do that We The People agree to via a democratic process. 

One term limit to any political official would be fine by me.  Since when do we need professional politicians?  Politicians are much better at doing things like lying, legalizing bribery, sending our jobs overseas, turning our country into a police state, kissing babies, making false promises, turning water into wine, bombing civilian populations, telling us how religious they are, making advances towards congressional pages, showing us their weiners on Twitter and other generally accepted political behavior.  There has to be some demand for this in the private sector if we limit terms.  Well, on second thought, maybe there isn’t.  That’s why they became politicians in the first place.  There is no place for them to act out in society.

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