Monday, June 20, 2011

How Police Are Turning Military

Well, you know it’s gotten to the point of obvious when Politico has this story on their site.  Politico is so completely indoctrinated into the status quo.  Not a lot of critical thinking at Politico.  Contrarily, Bill Moyers, President Eisenhower and many others were raising this issue decades before when they were asking prophetic questions. 

It is ridiculous to remark that the police are turning military.  The police have been turning military since the Reagan administration.  Today, the police in the U.S. are full bore military. 

Reagan gave the military-industrial complex and the war state unprecedented power, validation and money.  Of course, we were told that is what caused the collapse of the Soviet Union but in fact we wrote on here many years ago what caused that collapse and it had nothing to do with the U.S. bankrupting itself by outspending the Soviets.   And, ironically, it is the same dynamic that caused the 2008 collapse of the U.S. fascist state.  The Reagan myth is simply a convenient political belief perpetuated by Republican dunces because it serves a political end.

The militarization of our police force serves the fascist state.   And that militarization then attracts an element which often no longer has a primary intent of serving as peace officers and public service but instead a primary intent of power and control.  So, abuses become systemic within the system.  And, mind you, for many non-privileged, police brutality and constitutional abuses are now a systemic part of what used to be peace officers.  You need proof?  Simply go to Youtube and view all of the taped police beatings.  Beatings, which by the way, many local bureaucrats are now trying to keep out of the public’s hands by attempting to pass laws subverting transparency.      

Just as we remarked before that when the Soviet Union collapsed, the massive war state bureaucracy needed to find a new enemy, and that enemy was terrorism, (Why the most powerful military the world has ever seen spent trillions to find one thug.)  so to are the peace officers of this country an outlet for the same war state bureaucracy - the fascist war state bureaucracy reaps  billions and billions of dollars of military-grade weapons sales to peace officers by turning them into paramilitary troopers. 

A very good Youtube video which highlights some of the statistics and concerning issues about the militarization of our peace officer corp including a Cato Institute study.  

And for those still brainwashed by political parties, this is not a party issue.  Both political parties are equally complicit.  That includes our current Nobel Peace Prize president who has sanctioned more bombing of civilian populations and more state-sponsored killings than the prior president. 

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