Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The New York Federal Reserve Refuses To Tell Government Investigators How Much Money Was Sent To Iraq… And Ultimately Stolen or Lost

I seriously doubt anyone loses pallets of cash weighing dozens to hundreds of tons.   I don’t know exactly how much money weighs and how it was denominated but it took more than one c-130 cargo airplane to haul it all. 

Lost?  Hahaha.  How the hell would anyone lose something so obvious that every corrupt and greedy element in Iraq would be watching?   I think we can quite safely assume the obvious; it was stolen. 

Who was the dunce who decided to send billions of dollars on pallets to be handed out like candy?   Or maybe the question should be who were the criminals who encouraged this to happen so they could steal it? 

This gets more fun every day.  Ahem.  That’s a badly timed joke.  The New York Federal Reserve seems to always be involved in some aspect of the kleptocracy.  No surprise since it is charged with regulating Wall Street; a job it does so well. 

So, who stole $17 or $18 billion?  The marvelous example of democracy that is the puppet government in Iraq or any number of the Hessian contractors hired by the war state?  

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